More than just a softtop – the new KANOA Foamy collection bridges the gap between wobbly Softtops and hardboards. Super resistant thanks to our patented AV STechnology and soft at the same time.

The double T-Aluminium Stringer provides the needed stiffness and drive and allows the Foamy to perform just like a normal surfboard. A handshaped closed cell foam core allows a more precise shape and the additional pvc edges improve the hydrodynamic characteristics.

The boards are equipped with FCS 1 system so you can keep using your fins. The vinyl skin is a totally new approach to surfboard construction. The vinyl is thightened and fixed by the soft PVC band. Thanks to the the air leak, the pressure inside the board can be easily compensated. In case of a small damage, the vinyl skin can be easily repaired with a simple vinyl sticker.

Durability with almost no repairs…

The performingFoamy           #perfoamy

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