Improve your surfing without living near the ocean (Part 2) – Keep the board feeling alive

Improve your surfing without living near the ocean (Part 2) – Keep the board feeling alive

This post is part of our “Improve your surfing without living near the ocean” series. 

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Keep the board feeling alive

Out of all the training tips, this is by far the most fun one. In order to maintain and get a better board feeling, you should actually spend lots of time on a board. Knowing how your board reacts with certain movements and training your muscle memory will greatly improve your surfing. How can you do that when you’re far away from the ocean?

Wellenwerk Berlin Dingerkus


Standing river waves  

River and indoor surfing has seen a lot of interest over the last few years. More and more indoor waves are opening and several cities are building river waves. As strange as it may sound, it is becoming almost normal to see people with surfboards under their arm, in the middle of the city. If you are lucky enough to live close to a standing wave, you should take advantage of it. It’s super fun and easily the best way to improve the feeling for your board. 

These are some of our favorite artificial river waves:

– Jochen Schweizer Arena, Munich:
– Wellenwerk, Berlin: 
– Oana, Luzern:

And if you’re not sure which river board is best for you, check out our river boardguide.


Balance Board

You know the feeling: You spot the wave, start paddling, manage a good pop-up, but as soon as you stand, you lose balance and fall. The steps before standing on the board are already hard enough. So when you get everything right, but then fail balancing on the board, things become frustrating very quickly.   

Luckily, balance boards help to work on your balance, when you’re not in the water. They are the only thing that comes close to replicating the surf movements, which is an absolute must if you don’t surf regularly. 

Challenge yourself with these 25 balance board tricks: 


Skateboarding or SURFSKATING

Skateboarding was originally invented in California when surfers wanted something to do when the waves were flat. Surfing the sidewalks was the next best thing as the skateboard movement is closely related to surfing.

Especially surfskate boards like our KANOA Curfish with the Curfboard truck system are a fun way to keep the board feeling alive and mimic surf turns.

Curfish surfskate limited edition Curfboard

Tutorial on how to improve your surfskate turns:


Bonus Tip

Ultimately, any boardsport will improve your board feeling since the movements are all related. So grab your snowboard, wakeboard or wakesurf and enjoy a session with your buddies!

Surfboard Skate