How to pack for your next Surf Trip

How to pack for your next Surf Trip

Nothing ruins a good mood like arriving on a surf trip with a broken board. While we also tend to wait until the last minute to pack for our surf trip, being prepared and packing ahead of time can save you money and more importantly precious time, so you can focus on catching waves! The following guide will help you to avoid common mistakes when packing for your next surf trip.



Make sure to fix all surfboard dings and holes in your wetsuit prior to your departure.



Apart from obviously packing your leashes, fins, fin screws and perhaps a poncho, you should also consider the following:

  • Ding Repair Travel Kit so you can quickly fix your surfboard should you damage it during your travels
  • Pack the right Surf Wax (cool, warm and more)
  • Protect yourself from the sun and use water-resistant sunblock. KANOA recommends Swox Sun Protection Lotion!
  • First Aid Kit so you can treat any injuries on the spot should you experience the painful delight of reef or rock encounters! Disinfectants, tape, waterproof band aid and pain killers should be part of your surf protection quiver.
Should you travel to remote locations or plan to go on boat trips, remember to bring at least one spare leash and a set of fins, so that you are prepared should the unexpected happen. Don’t miss out on sick sessions just because you forgot to bring an essential replacement accessory.


If you own more than one surfboard, you should consider bringing at least one board for big days and one surfboard for smaller waves. This all depends on the conditions at your surf destination. Feel free to use our wave size filter for KANOA’s Ocean Surfboards to find out which boards suit your destination.



It’s very well worth investing in a proper board bag, which properly protects your board. Some brands offer bags made especially for airline travel.

To avoid having your fins bent or broken during the baggage handling process, simply remove your fins when travelling. 


Protect the rails with extra padding

Use your wetsuit and towels to protect your surfboard – and save space in your luggage.

Alternatively you can wrap your board in bubble wrap or preferably our more sustainable option -> Flexi Hex Surfboard Packaging


Check your airline’s board bag fees

Up to 3 surfboards should easily stay below the airline’s weight limit. We recommend using a Triple Board Bag to transport your surf trip quiver to your destination. Alternatively you can also share a triple board bag with your family and friends.