Sustainable Fins have arrived! KANOA teams up with Rebel Fin Co.

Sustainable Fins have arrived! KANOA teams up with Rebel Fin Co.

We are absolutely delighted to present to you our brand new sustainable surfboard fins in collaboration with Rebel Fin Co

Made in Germany – our friends over at Rebel Fin Co. create high quality, simple and locally produced surfboard fins and other surf equipment made entirely from sustainable and recycled materials. They produce all their products in their green energy-powered factory near Hamburg. Rebel is using the Closed Circle Production approach, meaning all production leftovers are recycled 

When we started talking to Rebel Fin Co, it quickly became clear that we share the common goal of making the surf industry more sustainable

Until now, there was no use for the residues of carbon fibre materials from the car production, so they had to be disposed of. Thanks to Rebel Fin’s new methods, these residues are now being recycled and fed back into the production cycle. This saves fossil raw materials and a lot of CO2. The carbon fibre content gives the fins a high rigidity even during harder moves. 



  • Perfect for powerful turns in wave pools & river waves
  • 100% recycled carbon PA compound
  • Center Fin Eisbach template by Wolfrik Fischer


The 3-fin thruster setup with just the right amount of flex covers a wide range of surf conditions for advanced surfers and pros: from beach break to point break. 


Weaker river waves such as Flosslände or Almkanal or lighter riders don’t require a center fin. Due to the water flow, riding without any centre fin creates less traction and maximizes agility.


Thanks to our collaboration with Rebel Fin Co, we are proud and excited to expand our sustainable product offering. From Day One, KANOA Surfboards has strived to become a leader in sustainability and groundbreaking product innovation. We already manufacture our Foamy Surfboards using the ECO CON method, which creates less wastage in production, less toxins in the materials and glue, resulting in an overall more eco-friendly construction

While you’re here, please make sure to check out the latest updates on KANOA’s innovation in sustainability for the surfboard industry – Honey Roots Technology. HRT includes the highest amount of sustainable materials you can find in a surfboard to date using upcycled, recycled or renewable materials like cork, cotton, wood or even carbon.

With further joint production ventures in the pipeline, we look forward to more future endeavours with Rebel Fin Co. 🤙


Rebel Fin Co is an official partner of Provide The Slide, an NGO which gives unwanted surfboards a new life by collecting the crafts and donating them to clubs and communities in West Africa. 

Unused surfboards become once again wanted and valued, all while empowering young people who may gain a new perspective of the ocean as a place that deserves and needs protecting. This means less to landfill whilst easing the ecological impact of each board. 

Many of the boards are donated without fins. Rebel Fin Co has stepped in to provide the charity with sustainable fins, ensuring the surfboards reach Africa ready to be ridden. KANOA Surfboards has been encouraging all of our wave partners around Europe to donate their used KANOA Foamy Rental Boards to Provide The Slide at the end of their rental life. 

KANOA surfboards provide the slide rebel fins