20% Volunteer Discount for standing wave projects and surf clubs

20% Volunteer Discount for standing wave projects and surf clubs

For all you wave makers out there

More and more river wave projects are popping up in towns near natural rivers in so many – otherwise landlocked – locations far from the ocean. Years of work go into making those visions a reality to create local river breaks.

From own experience we know how much blood, sweat and tears it takes to develop projects like this. Many of us have been volunteers at sports clubs or associations for many years. Some of us are also working on river wave projects or with surf park creators and experience the struggle ourselves.

That’s why we think it’s important to give back.

blackforestwave Pforzheim © Markus Born Fotodesign
BlackForestWave Pforzheim ansurfen © Markus Born Fotodesign

Surf clubs and river wave projects

Just some of the river wave projects in Germany:

There are more out there in Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy and the rest of Europe and the world (should you wanna be listed here, let us know). If you are organized in an official club or can otherwise proof to us that you are dedicated to creating a rapid surf spot near you, go ahead and ask us for this special discount.

Energy efficient and accessible surfing 

Why is it so important to have natural standing waves built and run by clubs? 

Compared to artificial indoor wave pools, natural rapids in rivers – apart from the fact that they are subject to weather conditions and drops in water level – have several advantages. 

Firstly, they are created at spots that have the right amount of constantly running water to create a surfable rapid without using any or just minimal electricity.

Secondly, thus they are significantly less expensive to run and maintain. Usually clubs and their volunteers are in charge of ensuring a safe and coordinated surf experience. There are resources involved to run the wave and often building the waves cost a six-figure Euro sum. But in general being a club member and sometimes paying an affordable fee per session is enough. 

This makes those surf spots environmentally friendly and accessible to families, youth, students – and after all grow our surf community.

Therefore, we are supporting your efforts!

How to get your discounts

To receive your own 20% discount code from us, you just need to be a club member and hold an official position in the club – for example on the board, in a commission or as an instructor.

This special offer is valid on all KANOA products but limited to 2 boards per person and year to ensure it stays limited to those community members that really invested the free time. This way you can get your favorite river and ocean board.

Contact us via chat or aloha@kanoa-surfboards.com and (before you buy!)  secure your exclusive KANOA deal for you personally or for all your volunteers and wave makers!

Location: blackforestwave // Photo copyright: thanks to Markus Born Fotodesign, Project Cheezus, Dustin Waters (livingswaterfamily)