Looking for gifts under 40 Euros? KANOA’s Christmas ideas for surfers.

Looking for gifts under 40 Euros? KANOA’s Christmas ideas for surfers.

The question that haunts us all

The first Advent is already behind us and slowly we are all looking for gift ideas and nice things for our loved ones.
…or will soon start to think about it.

But what do you actually give surfers who would love nothing more after Christmas Eve than to jump up, travel to the sea and dive straight back into waves at the next surf spot?

We have dealt with the question that concerns everyone before Christmas Eve and compiled a few ideas for you with which you are guaranteed to make every surfer happy.


Here is a small overview of our articles for less than 40,00€ that every surfer is happy to find under the tree. Gift joy guaranteed.



Probably one of the most useful accessories for surfers. There is nothing better than to put on the poncho after a surf session in the wetsuit and have it immediately nice and warm. 
Plus, it makes getting changed so much easier.

100% fluffy warm cotton, Kangaroo bag with zip pocket, Jedi hood and for kids there’s also the KANOA Gromcho.



With the KANOA Frontpad, losing grip due to melted or insufficient wax is a thing of the past. With a front pad you have good grip on your surfboard in all conditions.

An accessory that every surfer would love to find under the tree.



For all passionate and aspiring river surfers, our Riverfin is also a great gift idea.

Since river wave surfing doesn’t use a big center fin like in the ocean, this Riverfin delivers the perfect control on river or city waves while allowing you more agility in the water.


FROM 20,00€

Long fit and premium quality 100% cotton make the Backprint shirt a super comfortable companion that feels like summer.
The shirt is available in black and white.

In the KANOA Apparel section you will find a proper christmas gift for every surfer.



With the Surf Repeat cup you have another gift with which you land a hit with every surfer.

The high quality enamel steel cup can handle any campfire or camping stove and is ideal for outdoor activities and camping.

Also at home, the Surf Repeat print already provides 100% excitement for the next surf trip.



The Intermediate Surf Companion is the ideal gift for any intermediate surfer looking to improve their surf with in-depth coaching content.

On 56 pages you can expect all the important topics that will give your surf a level-up. Underpinned with great illustrations, detailed descriptions and plenty of space for your own notes.

Want to paddle out into the lineup, catch unbroken waves, and learn basic maneuvers? Then the Intermediate Surf Companion is the ideal gift.



Well, let’s see, what do you absolutely always need for surfing? Well, of course, surf wax.

Every surfer is happy about surf wax as a gift and can always use it well. Especially if the next trip is already planned.

Warm-Cool is a good fit for most trips to France, Spain or Portugal. Otherwise just check the right temperature beforehand and go under the tree.

Always a hit and in addition ecodegradable and sustainable. 100% natural & handmade in Munich.


FROM 25,00€

So many suggestions and still not sure? Understandable, giving a gift is not always easy.
But there’s always the KANOA gift card.

From 25€ the amount is selectable. So every surfer is guaranteed to find a little something or already has some support for the next board purchase.

Now Christmas can come, you are prepared.

These were just a few of the gift ideas you can find in our store. But no matter which gift makes it under the tree in the end, if it creates anticipation for the next trip, every surfer is happy. You can find even more gift ideas in our accessories store.

KANOA wishes you a wonderful pre-Christmas season!