HOW TO: Insert your fins

HOW TO: Insert your fins

Not all Surfboard Fins are the Same

And that’s exactly why they are inserted slightly differently into the surfboard. We show you what you need to pay attention to so that your fins hold well in the board.

MAKE Sure to Choose the right ones

Not every fin fits every board. Therefore, before you buy fins look carefully at what fin system your surfboard has. You can find this on each board by the symbols. KANOA surfboards have either FCS 1 fin systems (2-tab) or the so-called FUTURE fin system (1-tab / single tab).

However, both are visually well distinguishable (1 or 2 tabs) and also by the fin box you can see which fins fit in.

In the following we will show you how to install both fin systems in your board and what you should pay attention to so that the fins sit perfectly in your board.


You can recognize the FCS 1 fins by the two plugs that come out of the bottom of the fin and hold the fin in your board. You can simply insert them into the holes provided for this purpose.
You will also notice that the fins in your set are shaped differently. There will be two fins that are flat on one side and curved on the outside. If you are surfing a 3-fin setup, there will also be a third fin that is curved on both sides.

The two fins with only one curved side belong in the left and right fin box. And always in such a way that the flat side points inwards. The fin with two curved sides belongs in the fin box on the tail.

Secret tip: sometimes the tabs are hard to insert into the slots. If that’s the case just apply a bit of surf wax to the tabs and voilá! 

Once you have inserted the fins, take your fin key and screw the fins in slightly hand-tight so that the fins can no longer be moved by hand.

Be careful not to over tighten the screws. Otherwise, they will bite into your board and, in the worst case, you won’t be able to move them anymore.

Inserting FUTURE Fins

FUTURE fins differ from other fins in that they have a continuous bridge that you place in the fin box of your board. Also, the fin box itself is a long inlet in which these fins have space.

In addition, Future fins have a notch in the front and back for mounting in the box. So insert the back end of the fin first and then push the front end down until the fin is all the way in the box. (any issues what that? Secret tip: apply some surf wax to the tabs)

Only then tighten the screws. In the FUTURE fin system, each fin has only one screw, which is directly in front of the fin box. Make sure that you do not over tighten the screw. Just so hard that the fin can no longer be moved.

Just like FCS 1 fins, FUTURES also have a fixed place. So be sure to place the flat side of both keel fins so that they face inward. The fin with two rounded sides is placed at the tail.

Here are the most important steps...

Fins will Speed your Surf up

Only if you install your fins correctly, they will do what they are supposed to do… Giving you speed and making your board maneuverable when you want it to. Also, keep an eye on the fins to make sure they are tightened properly. But not too tight. Otherwise you will damage your board.

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