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What has happened to HRT?

What has happened to HRT?

In February we received the ISPO Brand new Selection for our 3-dimensional Glassing Approach called HONEY ROOTS TECH (HRT). 

But what has happened to HRT since then?

This is a quick update to what is happening in the KANOA R&D Labs.


As we all remember in march 2020, immediately after the ISPO trade fair, the global pandemic was gaining momentum and has been changing the ground rules for traveling and supply chains. That event made us realize that the launch of HRT will have to be postponed until the world is returning to a new normal.

However, we have not paused the HRT project since then – we set up our new development center in the basque country and have fine tuned our process to perfection.

Our research project with the RWTH Aachen continued and we have been exploring multiple recyclable material options. As we are moving towards further research projects in the world of composites we are working hard to get our sustainable performance surfboard range ready for the market.


With countless hours of developing and designing, we allowed HRT to become far more versatile as we have imagined it. That reflects in the way and efficiency we can build it and also change its flex and dampening properties.

We can now create HRT boards in multiple curing approaches that are a lot closer to building aircraft parts then the state of the art surfboard construction. 



With 2 local pro surfers from the basque country we are finetuning the flex patterns,  reactiveness and the shapes of our boards.

And so the technology is constantly moving forward through constant development and testing. This allows us to continuously try out new shapes, ingredients and features and test them directly under the right conditions.


Rest assured that this technology is moving forward every day. If you want to be part of the first users to get your hands on one of the first HRT boards on the planet, stay tuned for the launch pre-series in 2023. 

Sustainable performance surfboards produced in France with the highest amount of sustainable material in a surfboard.


We’re still busy fine tuning the HRT product line and testing them with our team riders. Until then, be sure to stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter down below.