We are a team combining our dedication for surfing, product design and technology. Our intention is to provide surfboards with one of the best qualities around, with an exceptional shape and simple but unique design. While doing so, we try to arrange our life around our passion, boardsports.

We came across the name as a friend named his son Kanoa. The name KANOA is of Hawaiian origin. It is referring to “being free” or “the free one”. That in mind, we couldn’t resist but choose the name KANOA Surfboards.

To realize those goals we were looking at surfboard factories and shapers all over the world. However we found the perfect solution at Safari Surfboards Durban. We deeply appreciate that we could excite Spider Murphy to shape and produce our board collection. Spider is one of the most recognized shapers in South Africa and adds a number of no more than 45 years of experience to the table. Along his daily surfing routine, Spider is known for his precision, focus on quality and the goal of realizing a sustainable production.

Together we created a Surfboard Line that is intended to suit the needs of the land locked surfer but will be well suitable for all kinds of surfers. Our shapes are bridging the gap between performance and paddle friendliness. With added volume towards the center of gravity, slight vee shape in the nose and comparably thinner rails, the boards avoid compromise. Spider’s unique railwork ensures control, even in bigger conditions, thus giving the boards a wider range.

If you are not sure which KANOA shape and size could suit you best, feel free to double check with us. A board can only live up to it’s expectations if it matches your surflevel!

In order to provide you with almost everything you need for your next surf trip, we also offer a small but well-chosen range of accessories. All designed to meet our standards as well as the characteristic KANOA look.

We rely on an established distribution network which has gained experience in the watersports market for the past 30 years. Therefore we can ensure reliable delivery and good communication. You can address your questions to aloha@kanoa-surfboards.com or contact us via chat.

However, as we know from own experience, how costly boardsports and also the combination of several sports can be, we try our best to offer our boards for a reasonable price. Through our direct selling structure we do not have to trade that reasonable price to the quality of our products . That gives you the direct connection to the brand KANOA and all the advantages alongside.