Find the right
Beginner Surfboard!

Just returned from your first visit to a surf camp or surfschool? Are you about to start your very first surf trip to france, spain, portugal, Canaries or Marocco? We will guide you in order to find the best beginner surfboard to enjoy your first steps in surfing.


Well first of all congratulations for that decision, surfing is more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle and its addictive. Make sure to have a surf instructor at your side at least the first day. You will find suitable guidance in various surfcamps all over Europe as for example Pure Surfcamp, Wavetours or Janga Surfcamp and many others. Learning to surf can be quite a challenge, however the right board with the right amount of volume and forgiveness, will safely advance you to the next surf level.

We will introduce you to 4 of our models
which are perfect for the Surf Beginner

and can be at your doorstep in 2-4 working days.

The “Foamy Fun”


It is all about surfing, fun and safety. The Foamy Fun will guide you through your first white water waves but will continue to improve your surf skills as you are moving to green waves as well as to the first turns. As a little extra, the Foamy Fun is available for a very reasonable price, is basically unbreakable and safe to use for kids.




The Icebreaker is a mixture between Mini Malibu and Funboard. It is super stable, paddles fast and helps you to catch every wave. The ideal board for the first surfing attempts aswell as the rest of your surfing life. The Icebreaker will stay a suitable companion for small waves and smooth cruising, no matter how advanced the surfer is.

The “Foamy Fish”


The Foamy Fish is the ideal board as soon as you make it out of the white water and start to paddle into green waves. Make sure to choose one of the bigger sizes 6’0 or 6’4 and the Fish could be at your side the rest of your surfing life. Thanks to the AV ST Construction the board is basically indestructible and safe to use. At the same time it performs better then any other softboard. The perfect choice for the slightly advanced beginner with a smaller budget.




The Eggplant is the ideal choice for the second step in surfing. As soon as you are out of the whitewater and feel a little bit comfortable in the line up the Eggplant will be your companion until you are good enough to surf a shortboard. Just make sure to choose one of the bigger sizes (min 6’2) in order to have enough volume and stability.


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