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COUNTLESS different riverwaves
but what is the right board?


No matter if found in nature or artificial static waves, every Riverwave has its very own character. Steep, flat, high or low and with a low or high power or water pressure.
We want to help you to find the right surfboard for different types of static waves.

Artificial River Waves
or Wavepools

Current artificial static waves have rather steep faces with quite high power and pressure. That is why it is possible to surf shorter boards with narrow tail shapes. Also, the rocker can be a bit higher and therefore allow a more ocean-inspired surf approach as well as easier turn initiation.

All our PU boards up to 5.8″ lengths boast our stable “triple rail layer” technology.

Examples for artificial waves are the unit parktech wave in Langenfeld or the Wakeparadise Milano. Another Wavepool concept is the Citywave, which powers the Jochen Schweizer Arena Munich, Wellenwerk Berlin, the Oana Wave in Luzern, Urbansurf in Zurich, Multiplex Citywave Vienna and the Hasewelle in Osnabrück – and even spots in Israel, Moscow, Madrid and Tokyo.

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The Eisbach and
other strong river waves.

The mother of all stationary waves! The Eisbach is a rather powerful wave with a unique shape. It requires a slightly wider outline and a lower tail rocker than the artificial waves. Especially as it has some weaker days in summer.

Just lately the Riverwave in Austria, next to the Ebensee and created through the Traun river, opened its doors. This board choice for this wave will be comparable to the Eisbach, even though the Riverwave should be more constant.

Go for The Creek as an all-round riverboard, Battery or HydroPhil for advanced riders and Eggplant and Fish’n Chixx for heavier surfers or weaker summer days. Foamy flow for all of those who are tired of fixing and want more performance than any other soft board.

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Less powerful river waves

Weaker river waves require different Shapes. The riverboard of your choice should show a wide tail, more volume, and a flat rockerline. While usually shorter, depending on the wave it can also be ridden slightly longer. With the right surfboard the lower water pressure can be compensated to provide the necessary flow and speed.

The described wave characteristics can be found on the Bremgarten Wave in Switzerland or the E2 in Munich – here we recommend our Fishs or the EggPlant. For the Floßlände (Munich) or the Almkanal in Salzburg the Flow soft top is clearly your best choice as a beginner, while FishnChixx, Eggplant and also the Creek work well for advanced surfers.

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All levels – allround

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