Kanoa Why?

Countless boardbrands & shapers –
the reasons why you should choose our KANOA products and services.

It was a single wave that started the journey. It’s the water’s colors and lines that flow into our composition. It’s the ocean that reminds us to be conscious and to protect. It calms us when we are present, and it evokes our desire when we are far away.

Join our journey and be #ocean~inspired.


KANOA Surfboards is a European surf brand built on a strong foundation being a German family business with over 35 years of experience in water sports. We can rely on years of service know-how and an established logistics network. Due to decades of direct sales, we deliver your surf equipment safely to your doorstep at fair prices.

Our direct sales focus is a unique selling point in the surfing industry. We combine all aspects of the value chain in one company, from the development of the equipment to in-house customer service – for surfers, by surfers. Through the direct feedback of our customers and team riders we can react fast and efficiently to continuously improve our products and develop market-leading digital service solutions. Your opportunity to be in touch with a surfing brand in order to find your perfect surfing equipment.

No matter if spot advice, product guidance or shipping info – we are here for you!

Direct Sales and custome-centric Feedback Loops KANOA Surfboards



Be in direct touch with KANOA – we know our equipment best and we are here to help you with any question or issue. Our competent and friendly service team will be available for you and ensure that your requests are handled quickly and solution-oriented.

We have set ourselves the goal that every customer finds the perfect KANOA board for his or her needs to ensure a high wave count, progression and fun in the water.

So please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Kanoa - "Fo Sure"

6 Reasons to #surfkanoa

1. From surfers for surfers – we are passionate about what we do and always recommend you the best possible product.

2. Profit from our guidance and get the perfect board for your level, weight and spot.

3. KANOA is defined by first-class quality – from our products to our customer service.

4. Get more for your money, best price performance ratio thanks to our direct selling structure

5. Get your board delivered to your doorstep – quick, reliable and no matter where you are in the world.

6. We are conscious about the planet and its people – on our journey we reduce emissions and strive for more environmentally friendly products.


We love to solve problems and innovate. We have created a habit to think outside the box. That is why we continuously update and improve all our products.

With an eye for detail and the love for aesthetics we create designs that are subtle and recognizable. Always combining technical needs with our background in art and product design. The result is the unique KANOA look incorporated within innovative and high quality surfing equipment.

KANOA Why Designs
Snowboarder on the kicker mid air


We live boardsports – within our lives we have tried and enjoyed every way of riding a board. We have been professional athletes, coaches, or just boardsports enthusiasts. We have seen the industry from every perspective and appreciate the diversity of it. That is what gives us a holistic understanding of the sport and the business and we try our best to meet the ever changing needs and wishes of our customers and partners.


Let’s face it, the surfing industry is far away from being environmentally friendly and also we are at the very beginning of our journey. Nevertheless we have set ourselves the goal to redefine surfboard construction within our Honey Roots Technology and find sustainable alternatives for every aspect from fins, traction pads to packaging. And we strive to become – not a climate neutral – but a climate positive company in the process.


We will not rest until we have achieved our goal of a 100% recyclable surfboard that is embedded within a circular economy production.

3 KANOA Boards from a drone perspective


In 2020, KANOA and our Honey Roots Technology was honoured with the ISPO Brand New Selection Award and was exhibited in the world’s biggest outdoor and action sports trade show, the ISPO in Munich.