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Curfish Surfskate KANOA x Curfboard Collab

Joining forces with Curfboard, we combined our unique KANOA design with the best and most efficient surfskate truck on the market. With a fine tuned outline and two wheelbase options the surfskate will fit every surfer and style.

This limited edition surfskate will let you surf anywhere and will help you to bring your surfing skills to the next level. No matter if cruising the streets or the local skatepark, the Curfish will provide you with your daily dose of surf feel – no matter the swell.


Including the unique Curfboard Front Truck, the most innovative surfskate truck on the market

  • Patented springless technology
  • The only surfskate truck that self-adjusts to your riding level
  • No tightening, maintenance or manual adjustment needed
  • Becomes more stable at higher speeds and prevents speed wobbles


Available on: 20/05/2022
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