Flexi-Hex Surfboard Packaging

Flexi-Hex changes the way boards are packed!

Single-use plastic has been an issue that has been plaguing the surf industry for quite some time. Surfboards bought online are often wrapped in single-use bubble wrap for transit the very same plastic that is damaging our oceans and beaches! Until now there hasn’t been a viable alternative to protect surfboards but the team at UK-based Box have come up with a unique, and fully recyclable, way to wrap surfboards effectively. Flexi-Hex is a robust cardboard sock that uses an innovative hexagonal structure for tough protection against the inevitable risks that come with transporting boards.

  • Flexi-Hex is easy to assemble.
  • The cardboard uses in Flexi-Hex is 100% recyclable and biodegradable significantly reducing the chances of damage to your board during travels.
  • The cardboard is super lightweight so there’ll be little additional weight.
  • Flexi-Hex fits almost any surfboard size and shape.
  • The rigid side panels additionally protect your rail.


According to your board, choose the quantity 2 (max. 6’6″) or 3 (over 6’6″) and your new board will arrive in Flexi-Hex.

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