Foamy FREE “Classic”

The only way to get more stability under your feet is to stay on the beach.

The Foamy FREE softboard is our approach to a longboard inspired beginner to intermediate surfboard.

BEGINNER – This shape teaches you how to surf and leads you straight into that old school longboard style. The outline with tons of volume guarantees fun and endless rides. A great choice if you’re new to surfing and want to catch every single wave to practice.

INTERMEDIATE – Experience classic longboard rides on this easy to handle soft top log. Super stable take offs, fast paddling, combined with quick acceleration thanks to the narrow tail. And don´t worry while borrowing it to your homies, due to the A/VS Technology this board will withstand even the most careless treatment.

– Comes with basic 3-fin setup (FCS 1 fin box)
– Vinyl Skin Technology (AV/ST) for durability without dings
– Performs like a hardboard thanks to the Alu Stringer Technology
– EPS foam core, handshaped in a family-run business in Peru
– ECO CON: less wastage, less toxins, more eco friendly

Check our “Make it complete” offer for pad and leash.

– Ships in 1 to 3 working days
– Free return within 14 days

Not sure which board size is best for you? Contact us via chat, email or phone.