Honeycarbon Fin Set

Our Honey Carbon wave fins come in a performance-oriented and versatile design. The carbon base in combination with the bi-directional carbon strips controls the twist all the way to the tip of the fin. This makes the fin extremely responsive for aggressive and fast turns.

With the 5-Fin Setup you can choose between a Thruster (3 fins) or a Quad setup (4 fins). In a quad setup the rear fins are a little smaller. The result is a lively pivot point, but speed and control are still guaranteed.

The setup with strong flex covers a wide range of surf conditions for advanced surfers and pros: from beach break to point break. For river surfing we recommend the carbon fins for advanced surfers only.

– Honeycomb foam core
– Epoxy/Fiberglass RTM laminate
– FCS 1 system
– Comes in fin-bag with fin key

-> Our Fin HOW TO shows you what’s important when installing fins in your surfboard. <-

Part of our “Make it complete” offer in combination with a board (-20,00€).

Activity: Ocean Surfing
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