Log(A) Rhythm Longboard

Log in to your Rhythm. This 9 ft tinted beauty hits the sweet spot for all aspects of longboard design making it the ultimate all rounder.

Due to Spider Murphy’s 55 years of shaping experience the Log(A) Rhythm combines a classic Noserider with a performance Longboard while adding just the right amount of Log characteristics.


If you are looking for that one Longboard to take on your trip then trust in the rhythm of this masterpiece.


Check our Recycled Single Fin x Rebel – the perfect fit for the Log(a)Rhythm.

Activity: Ocean Surfing
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Surf Level:
Up & Comer, Intermediate, Advanced, Pro
Very Smooth, Smooth, Medium
Wave Size:
Very Small (<2ft), Small (2-3ft), Medium (4-5ft)






PU Hardboard


9'022 3/42 7/869 l 799,00 

Surfing in Southern France!

KANOA ambassador Gabin Verdet loves surfing longboards. Created in collaboration with Spider Murphy, this board combines a classic nose rider with a performance longboard.

Log(A) Rhythm Longboard

All-Round Hybrid Longboard

Based on the shape of a performance longboard, this board will rest comfortably in the pocket and stay agile towards the tail, while providing speed and acceleration when you need it. Cross step gently towards the front and the subtle spoon nose will stabilize your position and demonstrate the Log(A) Rhythm’s nose riding abilities. With the support of the full outline and the classic rail design it does also have the right amount of float to emphasize its Log Character. 


Just do the math! This perfect volume distribution in combination with a flat rockerline will let you glide smoothly through the smallest of conditions and will allow you to catch basically every tiny piece of swell that hits your shore. Define your own line up and paddle into waves where you wouldn’t have imagined. 


The Log(A)Rhythm features a US Fin Box for single fin and you can optionally add FCS I side bites. Glassed with an extra strong layup and a beautiful 2 color resin tint. 

"We have designed the new Log’A Rhythm model together with Spider, as soon as the first one was finished and standing in his shop it caught immediate attention from the visitors. Due to its balance and versatility the shape has now become a new favorite among Durban’s surfing community. I’d say it is well prepared to hit Europe's Shore Lines. The one long board that can do it all! "
Thilo for KANOA About us Page
Thilo von Osterhausen
Head of KANOA R&D


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