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Moby Creek Riverboard

The latest addition in the KANOA river range. The Moby Creek is created from the DNA of the Creek 2.0 but it is designed for for heavier riders and especially suited for all surfers on river waves with flatter or shorter transitions.

With its wide rounded squash tail it will let you float effortlessly on any stream or wave pool but will keep the liveliness and agility of the Creek. The wider outline does also provide that extra stability for entry level river surfers that are looking for their first hardboard.

This fine tuned river surfboard is built in our triple rail layer construction to be extra though for the river banks.

Activity: River Surfing


Surf Level:
Up & Comer, Intermediate, Advanced, Pro
Medium, Quick
River Type:
Very weak, Weak, Medium, Strong







Size Width Thickness Volume Price
5'0 19 2 1/16 22.4 l 555,00 
5'2 19 1/4 2 1/8 24.0 l 559,00 
5'4 19 9/16 2 1/8 25.2 l 565,00 
5'6 19 13/16 2 3/16 27.2 l 569,00 
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Moby Creek Riverboard

Shorter, flatter transitions & heavier riders

As the name reveals, the Moby Creek profits from a 5 year long development of our riverboard The Creek. In order to design a surfboard that will create the maximum float and speed on weaker riverwaves and for heavier surfers we looked at The Creek from another perspective. How to design a board with similar agility but even more float? 

A wider tail produces more push on flatter waves and Moby’s nose rocker and short length prohibits you from catching your nose in tighter transitions. Slightly lower double concaves towards the tail are adapted to the bigger board surface and lower water speed. The super flat tailrocker in the bottom maximizes the lift that the fine tuned concaves help to generate to enjoy rapid surfing to the max. With slightly bigger and more voluminous rails in the front section of the board, the Moby Creek will generate and pump speed effortlessly when there is less water pressure to work with. 

The outline of the front section is basically similar to the Creek, thus keeping the unique and agile characteristics. Due to the aggressive speed edge and thinned out rails towards the tail, this riverboard will also perform perfectly in stronger and artificial waves. 

So, the bigger brother of The Creek was born: Meet the brand new Moby Creek! The rapid surfboard for heavier riders and especially suited for all surfers on river waves with flatter or shorter transitions.

Creek Riverboard Eisbach


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