It is still the choice of the best surfers on the planet. The unique flex of the PU Construction hasn’t been reproduced by any other construction so far and does provide that needed drive and rebound while surfing.


The PU Construction is based on a high density polyurethane foam, bonded to a plywood stringer. Together they form the blank of the board. The glassing is based on 6 + 4 + 4 ounces layup building the ideal compromise between a strong deck and a light overall construction. In other words the boards are very resistant against pressure dents and are light at the same time. All boards are finished off with Safari Surfs special “Pro Speed finish” giving them a smooth and extremely fast surface.


It doesn’t always have to be carbon. The Triple Rail Layer Construction is a simple but efficient way to create more durable rails for riversurfing. At first the glassing is increased to 6 + 4 + 6 ounces. In this special layup configuration all 3 layers are covering the rails. The first layer is the 6 ounces bottom layer covered by the addional 4 and 6 ounces layer from the deck. Combined, the 3 layers form a super resistant laminate, protecting the rails and keeping the flex properties of your board as long as possible.


The blank refers to high density polyurethane foam bonded to a plywood stringer, forming the core of every surfboard. Safari Surfboard is one of the few factories in the world, who actually produce their own blanks. This allows control over the quality from the very first step of the manufacturing process. Premium quality blanks with high density foam are the basis to every lively and pressure resistant surfboard. A dense cell structure doesn’t allow the resin to sink in during the glassing process, thus saving weight and ensuring an even laminate. With an additonal white spray after the shaping, the blank is extra UV resistant and will keep its bright white color as long as possible.