This means to fall off, or get knocked off, your surfboard.


The neoprene suit was worn by surfers during cooler times. Should fit snugly to allow just a bit of water to enter. The body heat warms the water and helps keep the surfer warmer in cool/cold water. Measured by the thickness of the neoprene ie; 4/3, 3/2, etc. The numbers designate the thickness of the […]


Surfboard wax is applied to the deck of the board to prevent slipping off while riding.


Tube refers to the inside of a hollow wave. Our KANOA Escalator is the perfect tube hunter from France to the Maldives.


The Triple Rail Layer Construction is a simple but efficient way to create more durable rails for river surfing, due to thicker glassing and special 3-layer glass fiber layup. Find out more about 3RL.


A Take-off is the start of the ride. A good take-off is the guarantee for success in surfing. Wider and bigger boards are more stable and allow you a much easier take-off.