This year we have a new event series coming up – the Kanoa Tryout Days. As there are so many great and different stationary waves around, we decided to do two test tours between April to July. We are bringing our surf quiver directly to your closest wave, containing our latest EPX River Hardboards and our all-time favorites Foamys.

The first tour will start at the End of April with stops across Germany and a visit to Prague. The second will run in the first two weeks of June across Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and France. To stay true to the lifestyle, we are traveling around with a van from Rocket Camper, giving us a comfortable home for the test tour and enough space for our riverboard quiver. So if you ever wondered where to test our latest river surfboards – now is the time.

Stay tuned for more details and mark your calendars – the Kanoa Tryout Days are coming to a wave near you!

Let's get you in the water!




At the blackforestwave e.V, you will find a wave, created only by the river force. Five individual parts can be controlled by hydraulic cylinders and even fine-tune the wave while you're surfing it.

You can surf here only as a member of the club during the opening times. For now ;)
A prior registration is not necessary.

26.04. - 28.04.2024

RHEINRiff, Düsseldorf

RHEINRiff, Düsseldorf

RheinRiff provides beginners, advanced surfers, and wave pros with the opportunity to engage in one of the most beautiful sports in the world all year round. The 9-meter-wide Citywave in Düsseldorf trains all the skills you need for the open sea.

You can easily book a spot at the wave online via Eversports and secure your surf. Only a few other people will join you during your slot, so have more than enough time in the water to test your way through our whole quiver.

03.05. - 05.05.2024

03.05. - 05.05.2024

Kanupark Markkleeberg

Not one but two waves are waiting for you to be conquered here at the Kanupark in Markkleeberg. Both waves are specialized for different riding levels, wave 2.0 being suitable for intermediates and pros because of its power.

Our KANOA Tryout Days are part of the club's Paddle Festival. Register yourself by writing an email at, and secure your spot. You can also buy a festival ticket there directly. A surf-only ticket will be 50 euros, if you buy a ticket for the whole Paddle Festival you'll pay additional 20 euros for surfing. So don't miss out on that – it’s up to 10 hours of surfing! Swimming west and a helmet are provided; a wetsuit can be rented there as well.

08.05. - 09.05.2024 TBC

wellenwerk, Berlin

wellenwerk, Berlin

Since 2020, thanks to the Wellenwerk crew, you can surf in the middle of the German capital. The facility is based on the established Citywave technology and has sessions for all skill levels.

You can easily book a slot at the wave online and secure your surf. Then you will have enough time to test your way through our quiver. For a smooth Check-In be there 15min before your slot starts.

cancelled due to technical problems

11.05. - 12.05.2024

Štvanice, prague

Pragues wave was created as part of the Waves of Štvanice (Vlny Štvanice) project. The wave is bordered by wooden platforms and with a very clean face. The 7,5 m wide wave is sufficient to perform all the tricks that can be performed on the river surf. Beginners will be pleasantly surprised by the easy entry and relatively weak current after the fall.

During our KANOA Tryout Days our team will bring a fully packed test quiver for you to ride. There is no prior registration necessary.

16.05. - 17.05.2024

Jochen Schweizer arena, Taufkirchen

Jochen Schweizer arena, Taufkirchen

Munich is quite famous for its river surf scene and even opened the doors for the first indoor wave in Germany in 2017 - the Jochen Schweizer Arena. With the modern Citywave technology you get a tailored experience, suitable for any surf level.

You can easily book a spot at the wave online and secure your surf. Then you will have enough time to test your way through our quiver.

to be announced

to be announced

Fuchslochwelle, Nuremberg

Get ready for one of the most innovative Rapid Wave projects, situated right in the Franconian part of Bavaria. It is the first semi-natural wave here in Germany and can be adjusted to the surfer's skill level.

During our KANOA Tryout Days our team will bring a fully packed test quiver for you to ride. There is no prior registration necessary. Due to technical issues, we cannot communicate a clear date. But we will let you know the details as soon as possible ;)

Our second tour is coming soon...


We got great news and we want you to get in touch with them... Our new River Surfboard Quiver is the main focus of this test tour. The River All-Stars, The Creek and Moby Creek, are receiving an upgrade with the innovative EPX Construction. This construction, which features a PU Blank, epoxy glassing, an aerospace fabric railguard and kevlar reinforced finboxes provides unseen durability and agility in the water with the highest performance.

In addition to these updates, we are also introducing two new shapes. Our The Creek Pro and Swallow Creek Pro surfboards are designed for progressive intermediate to highly professional river surfers. Test them for yourself and push the boundaries of river surfing with your peak performance.

The Creek Pro EPX Riverboard

Sold out

Swallow Creek Pro EPX Riverboard

Sold out

Moby Creek EPX Riverboard

Sold out

The Creek EPX Riverboard

Sold out


Buying boards online can be tricky, we know it's hard to put into words what it feels like to ride a new surfboard, so go ahead, try them yourself and join our tour.

Experience the feeling for yourself and find the perfect board to match your riding level. Our range is extensive, catering to beginners, those transitioning from soft to hard boards, and seasoned professionals seeking high-performance equipment. We got you covered.

Let us introduce our tour buddy

KANOA x Rocket camper

With all these stops on our tour plan, we were looking for the right vehicle to get us around. Since we are bringing about 20 surfboards, our eco-accessories and of course our KANOA event team, we need a lot of space and some comfort would be great as well ;)

The ROCKET CAMPER Surf'n Sail is the ideal choice for us water people, which is why we are super stoked to be working with them on our test tour. Inside, we have plenty of space for our surfing equipment and thanks to its innovative design, we travel in style and comfort. If you're interested in this van, check it out during our KANOA Tryout Days or find more information on their website.