1-8 foot wavs, one board quiver

Relationships are preferably hold in monogamy.  That’s why the Relationship is the only board you’ll have to take with you to fulfill your dream of a One-Board-Quiver.  Ironically, you can do it with a single boardbag.

The Relationship feels at home in waves from 1-8 feet. The wider front section of the board, equipped with a little bit of vee in the nose, ensures a high wave count.  Single to slightly deeper double concave creates enough lift in small conditions. Surrounded by an insanely fast and loose pintail the Relationship is quick enough to surf big days. Sharp rails guarantee the needed control while you are speeding down the line.

You can rip it like a regular shortboard if the swell is right. If the wave lacks a bit of power, take your backfoot forward and cruise it longboard style.

One board quiver but two styles to choose from, what more do you wan’t?