KANOA Surfboards is a German-French brand delivering quality boards, designed for maximum wave count and shaped by South African surf legend Spider Murphy. Our shaping concept is the sweet spot between surfing performance and catching as many waves as possible. The concept is intended to increase your learning curve thus improving every surf session.

From €499,00 EUR €599,00
Mini Malibu – easy paddling & stability
Fish'n Chixx
From €512,00 EUR €569,00
Modern Fish – uniquely designed for river & ocean surfing
From €517,00 EUR €575,00
Egg – Summer Wave Groveler & great for weaker rapids
Slide Rider
€699,00 EUR €789,00
All Wave Performance Shortboard w/ extra volume
Hydro Phil
From €499,00 EUR €575,00
Hybrid – resin-art design & channels
From €526,00 EUR €585,00
Shortboard – additional center volume
Log(A) Rhythm Longboard
€809,00 EUR €899,00
All-Round Hybrid Longboard
Moby Creek 3.0 Riverboard
€699,00 EUR €789,00
ImpacTec Eco Board - flatter transitions & heavier riders

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