Icon ImpacTec Surfboard Construction for River Surfboards



Artificial and man made waves demand new levels of durability and impact resistance to surfboards. Whether it's the river banks in rapid surfing, the concrete reefs of surf parks or walls of artificial wave pools, surfboards have to be able to cope with collisions and hard surfaces.


The blank refers to high density polyurethane foam bonded to a plywood stringer, forming the core of every surfboard. Safari Surfboard is one of the few factories in the world, who actually produce their own blanks. This allows control over the quality from the very first step of the manufacturing process. Premium quality blanks with high density foam are the basis to every lively and pressure resistant surfboard. A dense cell structure doesn’t allow the resin to sink in during the glassing process, thus saving weight and ensuring an even laminate. With an additonal white spray after the shaping, the blank is extra UV resistant and will keep its bright white color as long as possible.


The ImpacTec is our answer to that challenging demand. An interlaminar placed aerospace grade fabric is acting as an shock absorber and will allow to increase the impact strength significantly. The layer is placed along the rail within our proven triple rail layer glass fibers. The same fabric is included into 360 degree reinforcement of the finboxes and will distribute any shock along its surface in order to avoid cracking of the fiberglass. The increased strength of the ImpacTec will also reduce the risk of damages during airplane travels and will avoid tedious, expensive repairs and ultimately increase your time in the water.


Close up image of our Creek 3.0 performance Riverboard Surfboard with polyola eco-friendly blank and durable ImpacTec


Our ImpacTec boards are reinforced exactly in the spots that are most quickly affected when surfing artificial waves. Therefore, the rails and fin boxes come stronger than ever and are protected with extra fiberglass that has been integrated into our manufacturing process.

informational graphic of reinforced parts our new Riverboard Polyola Surfboard range

Moritz Schreiber surfing our high performance Riverboard Surfboard with eco-friendly and durable Polyola Blank


Our brand new ImpacTec boards have been developed exactly for the demands in artificial waves. With added protection on rails and finboxes, your board is more resistant to the harsh conditions of rivers and other artificial waves. Hitting the wall, fins touching the ground, ... these things can happen in many artificial waves. But the KANOA ImpacTec boards are well prepared to deal with it. And on top of that, the board is much less sensitive to pressure dents from powerful surfing.

The ImpacTec board range comes with a Polyola Eco Foam made of closed cell foam. Even if the board gets damaged, less water will get into the Polyola foam than into conventional surfboard blanks.

Perform like you're used to but make it last longer with the ImpacTec Collection.