Designed for more performance and durability

Engineered with a PU core and fortified with 6+4+6 epoxy glassing, it guarantees an ultra-light board without compromising strength. Built to withstand the daily wear and tear of river surfing, our latest riverboard collection offers unmatched durability and performance. The perfect mix of innovation and reliability within our new technology, designed to elevate your river surfing experience.

This board is glassed with a resin composed of 40% biological materials, significantly reducing CO2 emissions and toxicity by up to 60%. Embracing sustainability, our EPX Surfboards not only deliver superior performance and durability but also contribute to a healthier planet.

Equipped with polymer railguards and Kevlar-reinforced finboxes, this surfboard ensures maximum durability without unnecessary weight. Our advanced construction provides the toughness needed to withstand the rigors of daily use, giving you confidence and peace of mind on every ride.



Discover our River Pro Series!

There's more to our latest river board collection than "just" the new way of construction. We have updated our River All Stars - the Creek and the Moby Creek - by giving them new performance characteristics.

And designed specifically for the needs of intermediate and advanced surfers, we are introducing two brand-new shapes as well: including unparalleled performance and precision. The Swallow Creek Pro and our Creek Pro are providing the responsiveness and control needed to step up your game.

Learn more about the shapes in detail below.

Swallow Creek Pro - EPX High-Performance River Surfboard


Designed for ocean-inspired river performance, this board offers exceptional drive and hold on the rail. Its thin rails and pronounced edges lead into a subtle swallow tail, providing enhanced control and drive to maintain speed and style through every carving maneuver. Ideal for powerful river waves and advanced to pro rapid surfers. But thanks to its perfectly blended single concave and fine-tuned rocker configuration it'll also work in weaker wave pools and natural rapids.

The Swallow Creek Pro is a slightly gentler, turn-oriented counterpart to The Creek Pro EPX, maintaining its high-performance DNA without compromise. Get ready for some serious carving ;)


Our most performaning board. With thin rails, a narrow tail, and a perfectly optimized rocker line, this river machine is designed to exceed your expectations. Its pronounced double concave, developed over many years in collaboration with Spider Murphy, ensures unparalleled hovering, gliding, and acceleration. The rounded outline toward the tail, complemented by a subtle tail kick, offers new dimensions of agility and responsiveness, while new fin angles and sharp rails provide the drive for continuous speed.

Building on seven years of riverboard innovation and Spider Murphy’s remarkable 55 years of shaping expertise, this board is ideal for advanced river surfers - maybe accompanying you at your next competition!


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