Image of the KANOA Surfboards Design Concept


For the past years we have been putting a lot of thought into the idea of a new surfboard design, leading us straight into the KANOA look. Our intention is to establish a unique but simple design which is well distinguishable. Nevertheless we wanted to leave enough room for the surfers creativity, in case someone intends to add own graphics to the board.

The basic idea behind every board design is that the logo is mapped over the board, thus creating the two characteristic stripes. The two other elements on top and bottom of the logo are transferred to the backside of the board. Can you see it?

Based on that idea we defined the look of our boardrange and used the same design elements to create our accessories. We also tried to sort our designs according to the capabilities of every board. That means that the more simple the KANOA design is, the more performance oriented the shape will be.

The concept seems strict but works out in countless combinations. That will give us plenty of room and freedom for future designs.

Most of the artworks are based on the resin art technique called acid wash. Through the marble-like pattern which is created during the painting, every single board will be unique and no one looks like the other.