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With our unique shaping approach and guidance we will do everything to get you the maximum wave count and surfing pleasure. Every board is designed to meet the sweet spot between performance and effortless wave catching. With our board finders we indicate your ideal board choice and our friendly, experienced service team will be available for any further questions.

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KANOA is a Polynesian term and stands for being "free" or "free one".


We seek this freedom in the way we develop products, rethink processes and run our company.

Surfing lets us be free as we are drawing a line on a wave or just by being in the ocean.

We came across the name as one of our friends named his son Kanoa and we could not see our surf brand being anything other than KANOA Surfboards.


Living more sustainably is becoming a daily challenge in all of our lives. As surfers and humans we are depending on nature and the ocean and we strive to minimize our impact on the environment wherever we can. That’s why we have set ourselves the goal to redefine surfboard construction and everything alongside.

We are striving to replace conventional materials with natural fibers, recycled materials and develop new ways of creating performing and durable surfing equipment. EcoLogix, therefore, is our logic to sustainable product innovation. Moreover, we are happy to announce our full range of polyola surfboards and sustainable surf accessoires.

On our journey we will not rest until we find responsible alternatives for every part of our surfing equipment and will follow our goal of a 100% recyclable surfboard.

Picture of our HRT sustainable Performance Surfboard Hardboard


Graphic HRT Logo and person surfing in the ocean


With our own R&D Center in the basque country it is our urge to continuously improve our products and find new solutions in the world of surfing. We are a diverse team trained to think outside the box in order to develop industry leading surf gear. We inherit know-how from some of the most experienced board builders and work together with some of the leading universities in textile- and composite technologies. Having that privilege and governmental support, we could define new dimensions of surfboard construction.

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Picutre showing our Performance Twin Fin Twice Fish Surfboard


With our appreciation for aesthetics and the love of design we took quite some time to realize our vision of a surfboard brand and its corporate identity.
The unique and characteristic KANOA look is both subtle and recognizable. It inherits strict rules as well as vast freedom for our future compositions.
That’s why KANOA designs show a diversity from playfulness to simplicity. All bound together by the colour and the flowing lines of the ocean.

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Andy Gellenberg and Tobias Degel designed a mural for our headquarter located in Basque Country, France. The goal was to create an artwork that reflects the whole energy and vibe around surfing culture and also references some of the local highlights.

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