At KANOA Surfboards we have focussed our efforts on providing you with high-quality boards and specific shapes to catch more waves. Our mission is to help you find the absolute best surfboard for your preferences and your skill level. Check our Volume Calculator to find the perfect board for you or use our filters to select exactly what you need.

KANOA Surfboards
From €517,00 EUR €575,00
Egg – Summer Wave Groveler & great for weaker rapids
KANOA Surfboards
Fish'n Chixx
From €512,00 EUR €569,00
Modern Fish – uniquely designed for river & ocean surfing
KANOA Surfboards
Foamy FUN X
From €404,00 EUR €449,00
Mini Malibu Softboard - the perfect ride for every beach
KANOA Surfboards
Foamy FISH X
From €346,00 EUR €385,00
More durable River Fish Softboard - Progressing smooth and stylish
KANOA Surfboards
Foamy FUNK X
From €350,00 EUR €389,00
Funky Performance Foamy - Versatility, safety and lots of fun
KANOA Surfboards
Log(A) Rhythm Longboard
€809,00 EUR €899,00
All-Round Hybrid Longboard

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