The Creek 2.0 Riverboard

The Creek 2.0 is a pure river surfboard, designed for the use in strong river waves like the Eisbach River, artificial river waves or citywave®. The concept of the Creek bridges the gap between new school river surfing and ocean-inspired surfing.

This all round river board is the ideal choice for intermediate to advanced riversurfers looking for a performing and reliable all round hardboard. The CREEK 2.0 creates significantly more speed, allows tighter turns and includes loads of pop. In a first step we modified the outline and replaced the wingers with a second radius towards the fins. This subtle but effective optimization will allow quicker and more aggressive turns while maintaining immense hold on the rail. The new outline creates a slightly thinner tail that helps to support a radical surf approach. At the same time the Creek 2.0 creates exactly the right amount of lift on the backfoot. Through the precisely finetuned position of the now deeper double concaves in combination with the flattened tailrocker the Creek effortlessly creates more Speed than ever. The kick of the tail, stayed exactly the same, allowing the Creek 2.0 to keep its agile turn initiation and direct pop.

Since you want your board to last as long as possible, all sizes are built in our triple rail layer construction, making them extra tough for the riverbanks. The KANOA all-round river talent.

– Premium quality PU construction and durable glassing
– FCS 1 Fusion fin box: Thruster-Setup (fins not included)

Check our “Make it complete” offer for fins, pads and leash.

– Ships in 1 to 3 working days
– Free return within 14 days

Not sure which board size is best for you? Contact us via chat, email or phone.

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