Equipping EuropE's leading WAVES

Over the past years KANOA Surfboards could establish strong partnerships with Europe’s leading indoor surfing pools and artificial outdoor waves in rivers or lakes.
Together with our partners we are constantly developing and improving our shapes, constructions and accessories to build river boards that last longer, perform better and are more sustainable.
Daniel Dingerkus Wellenwerk Berlin

Wellenwerk berlin

Discover the first indoor surf arena in Berlin! Wellenwerk is a rapid surf experience for surfers of all skill levels.

Fully equipped with KANOA rental and test boards, you can test our river surf quiver and get your favorite KANOA Surfboard directly at their in-house surf shop.

Logo Wellenwerk Berlin


Since day one KANOA and Wellenwerk teamed up. We even dedicated a special River Fin Set to our buddies in the German capitol.

(It’s in high demand, so we are currently sold out, but will let you know as soon as this nice collab item is back on stock.)

Jochen Schweizer Arena

The indoor Citywave at the Jochen Schweizer arena in Munich was Germany’s first indoor wave pool at the time. 

The very first indoor wave built in Europe chose Kanoa surfboards as a partner for high quality surf equipment.

logo jochen schweizer arena

City Surf park lyon

The KANOA crew is especially proud to announce our first French wave pool partnership in Lyon.

City surf park did create their own industry leading wave pool system. With Kanoa surfboards as their premium board partner this will guarantee the highest quality surfing experience out there.

City surf park Lyon


We are happy to be part of the OANA Surf Family! The crew has built a beautiful spot in Ebikon, right between Zurich and Luzern.

We already teamed up in January 2019 and since that time KANOA Boards surf waves in Switzerland.

Oana Surf Logo

Surf Langenfeld

World’s first standing deepwater wave on a lake guarantees real open air surfing in a natural environment – in the middle of Germany, at any time!

Come to Langenfeld’s UNIT Parktech wave to surf and test KANOA Boards and share a great surf session with your friends. 

Surf Langenfeld


Black Forest Wave e.V. is a club in Southern Germany that launched the first man made natural river wave in Germany in September 2021. 

To deliver great surf experiences to their members and especially beginners that want to try rapid surfing, we equipped them with our Foamy FLOWs and FLATs.

City Wave Madrid

KANOA Surfboards also surf City Waves in Spain! The outdoor wave in the heart of the capital is Spain’s first City Wave.

It is connected to the shopping center X-Madrid and therefore the perfect surf event location!


The Nürnberger Dauerwelle e.V. is also a registered club that has built a natural river wave on a canal parallel to the river Pegnitz after a one-year construction period. 

The 8-meter-wide wave is brand new and operating since September 2021.


Wakeparadise Milan offers not only a wake park, but also the first standing wave in Italy.

With large chill area and adjustable system, it is a top destination for all surfer:in from beginner to pro.


The Rhine Reef in Düsseldorf is definitely one of the most exciting German riversurfing projects at the moment.
As part of the project, an indoor surf area with beach club and many other sports & event areas will be built on 8,500sqm.

The opening is planned for March 2023. We are more than excited about it.


Surfing in the middle of the city of Hannover.

The Leinewelle is a new ambitious river wave project in Germany. The wave is currently being diligently tested in the middle of Hanover and is scheduled to officially open in May 2023.

EXO38 Tencin

The Exo38 at the Exoloisirs park was the first artificial wave in France and is located between Grenoble and Chambéry.

The wave on the lake is adjustable and also invites to wakeboarding and many other activities.


The indoor surf park in Saint Gilles Croix de Vie has a lot to offer.
The Citywave is adjustable, making it a top location for all skill levels.

The standing wave on the French Atlantic coast also offers exciting other program points and has its own surf store.


The Havelwelle in Potsdam is one of the most exciting projects in the Rapid Surfing pipeline.

The wave has already been planned for two and a half years and is progressing steadily.

The opening is planned for 2024 and we can hardly wait.


KANOA river surfboards you can surf at our wave partners.