for River Surfing
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  • 5'3 ~ 20 3/4 ~ 2 1/16 ~ 26L
  • 5'6 ~ 21 ~ 2 1/6 28L

The Foamy FLAT is the ideal board for all river surf beginners and will guide anyone safely through the first steps of rapid surfing. This boards enhances your learning curve rapidly.

We designed this softtop surfboard specifically for standing waves with less power. With an extra-wide outline and broad tail you will easily stay in weaker waves like Eisbach E2, The Riverwave Ebensee or Flosslände.

EVA traction pads and Drop-through Fin-Set included. And to make your board setup perfect, choose our new recycled Classic Leash.

Use ourMake it completeoffer for your leash to make your setup complete.


Alu Stringer Technology

A double T-Aluminium Stringer to make the Foamy perform just like a normal surfboard.

Vinyl Skin Technology

A tough but soft Vinyl Skin, wrapped around the core. The secret to the foamys durability.

ECO Construction

Less wastage and toxins resulting in an overall more eco friendly construction.





Riverboard (super-wide) - weaker spots & heavier riders

The Foamy FLAT has been created for any river surfing beginner and will guide anyone safely through the first steps of river surfing. This board is the perfect choice for all the weaker standing waves out there. Due to the wide outline and the broad tail, you will easily stay in less powerful waves like Flosslände, Ebensee or Eisbach E2. The Foamy FLAT will enhance your learning curve rapidly and support you master your first river surf attempts, as well as learn and refine basic maneuvers.

With EVA traction pads and included drop-through fins, your Foamy Flat comes with enough grip for your first river surf attempts. In addition, the board is reinforced across the entire outline to prevent damage. Ready for the Rapids.

Please Note: Do not use your Foamy at outdoor temperatures below 6°C

Use our “Make it complete” offer for your leash to make your setup complete.