In order to help you find the right board we divided our surf board range into
3 categories.

Each category is defined by a certain surf level, which determines volume and shape. Further information is available in the detailed board guides below.

Kids got their own segment as they weigh less and often profit from using a softer Foamy, being safer and more durable. 

  • Men/Women
  • Kids

Beginner level

The first steps towards surfing and the way to the first green waves. Learning take offs, gaining boardcontrol and getting used to your surroundings.

Beginner boardguide

Intermediate level

Take offs are safe, you are surfing green waves on a regular basis. Turns and positioning are continuously improving.

Advanced/Pro level

You surf on a regular basis and bring the necessary fitness. Take offs are a routine and it is all about doing more radical turns, surfing the pocket and doing some floaters.

River boardguide