River Surfboards

Foamy FLOW
From €289,00 EUR €365,00
Durable riverboard v2 – have fun & progress
Foamy FLOW X
From €385,00 EUR
Extra Durable River Softboard - Flowing between speed and stability
Fish'n Chixx
From €569,00 EUR
Modern Fish – uniquely designed for river & ocean surfing
From €575,00 EUR
Egg – Summer Wave Groveler & great for weaker rapids
From €385,00 EUR
Light Performance River Softtop - wider outline for quick turns and heavier riders
Foamy FISH X
From €385,00 EUR
More durable River Fish Softboard - Progressing smooth and stylish
Hydro Phil
From €485,00 EUR €575,00
Hybrid – resin-art design & channels
Moby Creek 3.0 Riverboard
From €665,00 EUR €785,00
ImpacTec Eco Board - flatter transitions & heavier riders

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