for River Surfing
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  • 4'6 ~ 18 5/8 ~ 2 1/8 ~ 20L
  • 4'8 ~ 18 5/8 ~ 2 1/8 ~ 21L
  • 5'5 ~ 19 1/8 ~ 2 1/8 ~ 26L

This light and durable performance softtop river board is the perfect surfboard to start rapid surfing and progress fast. The choice for beginners and up & comers on the CityWave®, Unit or other artificial and natural river waves.

EVA traction pads and Drop-through Fin-Set included.

And to make your board setup perfect, choose our new sustainable Recycled Classic Leash.


For surfers who want a little more drive or need a wider shape, we recommend the new Foamy FLOAT X.


Alu Stringer Technology

A double T-Aluminium Stringer to make the Foamy perform just like a normal surfboard.

Vinyl Skin Technology

A tough but soft Vinyl Skin, wrapped around the core. The secret to the foamys durability.

ECO Construction

Less wastage and toxins resulting in an overall more eco friendly construction.





Durable riverboard w/ EVA Pads - have fun & progress

BEGINNER – This is the ideal first river board to start getting the feel for river waves, without having to worry about breaking your board with every touch of a wall. It promises stability with great responsiveness to quickly improve your river skills.

UP&COMER / INTERMEDIATE – There’s a good chance you will choose this performance softboard over your hardboard on some days. Due to its classic shortboard outline, with a rounded nose and snappy squashtail, the Foamy FLOW offers speed and agility. The stiffness created through the aluminum stringer provides response and drive. It even allows to perform all ollie based manoeuvres.

KIDS – The small board sizes are perfect for kids. Light, durable, safe and easy to learn on!

A new approach to river surfing without compromise – And by the way, the shape also works great for wake surfing.

Please note: Do not use your Foamy in outdoor temperatures below 6°C.