Building on the enthusiasm and feedback from our initial tour, we can’t wait to hit the waves again with our new event series, the Kanoa Tryout Days. With two test tours planned from April to the end of June, we’re bringing our surf quiver directly to you. This includes our latest EPX River Hardboards and the beloved Foamys, catering to both seasoned surfers and newcomers. You can test all of them for free while you're surfing.

The first tour kicked off at the end of April with stops across Germany. Now, the second tour will span Austria and Italy in early June. So, if you've ever wondered where to test our river surfboards, now is your chance. Join us on this ride and experience the best of river surfing at some of the most renowned stationary waves in Europe.

Stay tuned for more details and mark your calendars – the Kanoa Tryout Days are coming to a wave near you!

Let's get you in the water!



Citywave, VIENNA

At the Citywave in Vienna, you'll have an open-air surf experience. Not even rain can stop you. Due to the renowned technology the wave can be adjusted to any skill level.

You can surf here after securing a surf slot online. The slots last usually 60 minutes. During your slot you can test our boards for free. We are part of the Surfer's Mag River Test Tour here in Vienna and we're bringing four EPX Riverboards.

08.06. - 09.06.2024


The riverwave, Ebensee

On a ten meter wide and up to one and a half meter high wave, you can improve your turns and satisfy your surfing hunger all year round!

Simply book a day pass or use your Beach Club Membership, borrow all the surfing equipment you need from us for free and surf into the sunset. We are part of the Surfer's Mag Testival here at Ebensee.

15.06. - 16.06.2024

15.06. - 16.06.2024

Wakeparadise, Milano

The Unit Surfpool in the Wakeparadise Milano impresses with its width of 10 meters and plenty of power. The wave is infinitely adjustable and can be up to 1.60 meters high. Whether you are a beginner, advanced or pro surfer, the wave is extremely firm and steep at all levels.

To join our KANOA Tryout Days, you simply have to book a slot. You can test our boards for free and change the board whenever you want to find your perfect fit.


We are thrilled to share some exciting updates with you. Our latest River Surfboard Quiver is the highlight of this test tour. The popular models – The River All-Stars, The Creek, and Moby Creek – have been upgraded with our innovative EPX Construction. This cutting-edge design features a PU Blank, epoxy glassing, an aerospace fabric railguard, and kevlar-reinforced finboxes, offering great durability, agility, and top-notch performance in the water.

But that’s not all. We are also unveiling two new shapes: The Creek Pro and Swallow Creek Pro. These boards are specifically designed for progressive intermediate to highly professional river surfers. Come test them out and elevate your river surfing experience to the next level.


Purchasing surfboards online can be challenging because it’s tough to convey the sensation of riding a new board through words alone. That’s why we invite you to join our tour and test the boards firsthand.

Discover the right board for your skill level and preferences. Our selection is vast, accommodating everyone from novices and surfers transitioning from foam to hard boards, to experienced riders in search of top-tier performance. We have something for everyone.


Last year, we went along the French Coastline with our Travel Buddy from roadsurfer - now, the story continues. We are super stoked to go on tour again with a roadsurfer campervan for our second part of the KANOA Tryout Days.

roadsurfer is a true expert when it comes to motorhomes and campervan hires! They have about 70 stations in 16 countries in Europe and North America as well - so, whatever your travel destination is, you'll be likely welcomed in your next cosy home on wheels. roadsurfer always tries to offer you the largest selection of vehicles so you'll find the perfect fit for every trip. And the best thing: the campervans are fully equipped with everything you need - from outdoor camping chairs to your kitchen utensils!