Foamy FUN X

for Ocean Surfing
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  • 7'0 ~ 22 ~ 3 1/8 ~ 55L
  • 7'5 ~ 23 1/2 ~ 3 1/8 ~ 66L
  • 8'0 ~ 23 1/2 ~ 3 1/2 ~ 82L

Mini Malibu Magic: the Perfect Ride for Every Beach - our new Foamy FUN X!

In order to rocket launch your first surf experience the wide nose provides stability for take-offs and paddling into whitewater or smaller waves all the way up to 3-4 foot. With its low weight and increased durability the funboard is ready to make you rip.

With our new X-changeable fin box, you can now easily choose which fin system suits you. Whether FUTURES, FCS or FCSII. The Foamy FUN with X-changeable Finboxes lets you surf anything. And to make your board setup perfect, choose our Classic Leash


Alu Stringer Technology

A double T-Aluminium Stringer to make the Foamy perform just like a normal surfboard.

Vinyl Skin Technology

A tough but soft Vinyl Skin, wrapped around the core. The secret to the foamys durability.

ECO Construction

Less wastage and toxins resulting in an overall more eco friendly construction.



Foamy FUN X

Foamy FUN X


The new Foamy FUN comes with our exchangeable finbox system. Made to #perfoamy. With the exchangeable system you can now easily choose which fin system suits you best. The FCS variant also allows you to surf FCS & FCSII fins. The fin boxes are attached with drop-through screws in the board and can be exchanged super easily.

BEGINNER – This super light foam board is ideal for your very first waves and will help you improve your surfing quickly. The wide nose provides stability for take-offs and paddling. The wide overall outline helps to get basically every single wave. The big volume of the board makes it ideal for smaller waves and white water. Once you’ve mastered the pop-up, you will enjoy the narrow tail for speed and maneuverability.

UP & COMER – The Foamy FUN 2023 performance softboard will be your companion for quite a while. Improve your surfing, teach your friends or let it be your guarantee for fun in the smallest of conditions and waves up to 4 foot. And never worry about dings or repairs thanks to our A\V-S-Technology thicker rail tape and vinyl skin. The easiest way to surfing, the Foamy FUN is your one way ticket with no regrets.

On top, the Foamy FUN X comes with a new and clean, ocean inspired design and reinforced rails, as well as a reinforced vinyl skin. This Foamy is made to last.