Swallow Creek Pro EPX Riverboard

for River Surfing
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Size "4'10" sold out pretty quickly and will be back in stock from 01.06.2024
  • 4'10 ~ 18 ~ 2 ~ 18,8L
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  • 5'3 ~ 18 15/16 ~ 2 1/16 ~ 21,3L
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  • 5'7 ~ 19 9/16 ~ 2 1/4 ~ 25,4L

The fishy twin of the Creek Pro EPX, designed to upgrade your rail game!

Drive for days and an exceptional hold on the rail make this surfboard the ideal choice for rather powerful riverwaves and advanced to Pro Rapidsurfers who seek for an ocean inspired river performance. Due to the updated ImpacTec Construction with aerospace fabric railguards, kevlar reinforced finboxes and a bio-epoxy resin, this board sets our new standard in river surfing durability.


EPX Construction

Based on a PU core and a 6+4+6 epoxy glassing, the EPX construction ensures a super light board with maximum durability. Designed for the daily wear and tear of river surfing..

Bio Epoxy Resin

This board is glassed with a resin that consists of 40% biological materials. This reduces CO2 emissions and toxicity by up to 60%.


With aerospace grade polymer railguards and kevlar reinforced finboxes, this surfboard offers maximum durability without adding unnecessary weight.



Swallow Creek Pro EPX Riverboard

Swallow Creek Pro EPX Riverboard

ImpacTec Performance Riverboard with extra drive

Introducing the Swallow Creek Pro EPX, the fishy twin of the Creek Pro EPX. With tons of drive and exceptional hold on the rail, this board is the number one choice for ocean inspired river performance.  Thanks to its thin rails, pronounced edges which are leading into a subtle swallow, it will have that little extra of control and drive in order to maintain speed and style through the whole carving maneuver. It is the ideal choice for powerful riverwaves and advanced to Pro Rapidsurfers.  With a smooth and perfectly blended single concave, that is finetuned to our latest rocker configuration it will generate speed on its own and accelerate effortlessly. That ability will also stand out in slightly weaker pools and natural waves.  

The Swallow Creek Pro is the result of 7 years of riverboard development that is accompanied by Spider Murphys unbelievable 55 years of shaping know-how.

With the latest upgrade of our ImpacTec Construction, it features Kevlar reinforced finboxes and aerospace grade polymer rail fabric, all bonded together with 40% bio epoxy resin. This technology sets our new standard in riverboard durability.

The Swallow Creek Pro is the slightly gentler twin of the The Creek Pro EPX, with a touch of turn orientation, while maintaining its performance DNA without compromise. Carve yourself!


Single Concave

A smooth single concave creates the perfect amount of propulsion and lift while supporting flow and stability on the rail.


Medium River Rockerline

A medium river dedicated rockerline ensures speed generation and more hold on the edge while creating that extra agility through the right amount of tailkick.