The Creek 3.0 Riverboard

for River Surfing
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  • 4'10 ~ 18 1/16 ~ 2 ~ 18,36L
  • 5'0 ~ 18 5/16 ~ 2 1/16 ~ 19,8L
  • 5'3 ~ 18 13/16 ~ 2 1/8 ~ 22,74L
  • 5'5 ~ 19 1/8 ~ 2 1/8 ~ 23,74L
  • 5'7 ~ 19 7/16 ~ 2 1/4 25,7L

UPDATE: The new Creek 3.0 features a white Rail Line as a design update.

The Creek 3.0 follows the footsteps of its predecessor making it the all round river board in the KANOA Range. Our bestselling board for standing waves is now prepared to take the next level of performance with reinforced FCS II fin boxes and rail durability with the all new ImpacTec. The shape of this PolyOla Eco-Board made in Europe caters to stronger river waves and offers an increased reactivity due to its updated tail design and improved outline.

And to make your board setup perfect, choose our new sustainable Competition Leash.


PU Construction

Based on polyurethane foam, bonded to a plywood stringer with polyester glassing.

Polyola Eco Blank

This surfboards features a Polyola Eco Surfboard Blank. Based on 33% recycled materials, recyclable again and made in Europe.


Higher shock absorption thanks to aerospace fabric. ImpacTec features a quadruple rail layer and a 360° finbox reinforcement. Highest durability for your artificial wave-stick..



The Creek 3.0 Riverboard

The Creek 3.0 Riverboard

The Creek 3.0 follows the footsteps of its predecessor making it the all round river board in the KANOA Range. The new model is oriented to perform even better in stronger river waves and offer an increased reactivity and performance. With a slimmer tail design and a slightly narrowed outline, the board takes the next step towards progressive Rapid Surfing. The Creek’s DNA continues to bridge the gap between new school and ocean inspired river surfing.

Thanks to KANOA’s new ImpacTec reinforcement method, the Creek 3.0 shows an increased durability. With excellent ding resistance along its rail, less pressure dents from frequent dropins and the uniquely embedded and reinforced FCS2 finboxes the board is prepared to face the challenges of riversurfing.

The board construction is based on a Polyola Eco Blank that is offering increased pressure stability and a closed-cell foam that is not taking in water. The foam itself is based on 30% recycling content and is 100% recyclable while standing out with its unique golden sand color.

The Creek 3.0 represents the ultimate all round river surfboard that stands out through increased agility and performance with a more durable, yet sustainable surfboard construction.