The Creek Pro EPX Riverboard

for River Surfing
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  • 4'10 ~ 17 7/8 ~ 1 15/16 ~ 17,7L
  • 5'0 ~ 18 1/16 ~ 2 ~ 18,4L
  • 5'3 ~ 18 5/8 ~ 2 ~ 20,5L
  • 5'5 ~ 19 ~ 2 1/16 ~ 22,3L
  • 5'7 ~ 19 9/16 ~ 2 1/8 ~ 24,4L

May we introduce… The most performing River Surfboard in the KANOA River range, The Creek Pro EPX.

Thin Rails, a narrow squash tail and the perfect rockerline are exactly what you need to make this river machine outperform your own expectations. Built in our updated ImpacTec Construction with Kevlar reinforced finboxes and aerospace fabric railguards this riverboard incorporates our new standard in durability in artificial wave surfing. 

Highest Performance and durability makes this board earn its Spot in the KANOA Pro-Range.


EPX Construction

Based on a PU core and a 6+4+6 epoxy glassing, the EPX construction ensures a super light board with maximum durability. Designed for the daily wear and tear of river surfing..

Bio Epoxy Resin

This board is glassed with a resin that consists of 40% biological materials. This reduces CO2 emissions and toxicity by up to 60%.


With aerospace grade polymer railguards and kevlar reinforced finboxes, this surfboard offers maximum durability without adding unnecessary weight.



The Creek Pro EPX Riverboard

The Creek Pro EPX Riverboard

ImpacTec High-Performance River Machine

The Creek Pro EPX is the latest addition to the KANOA River range and stands out as the most performing of them all. Thin rails, narrow tail and the perfect rockerline allow this river machine to outperform your own expectations. With a pronounced double concave that has been developed over many years in collaboration with Spider Murphy, this performance river board hovers, glides and accelerates like no other. The rounded outline toward the tail with its subtle tail kick allows for new dimensions of agility and responsiveness.  New fin angles and sharp rails create the needed drive so the speed just keeps coming. 

The Creek Pro EPX inherits 7 years of riverboard development, paired with unbelievable 55 years of Spiders shaping perfection. Built in our updated ImpacTec Construction with Kevlar reinforced finboxes and aerospace grade polymer railtape this board incorporates our new standard in riverboard durability. Glassed with 40% bio epoxy resin it also stands out with the extra effort in sustainability. 

The Creek Pro EPX is the ideal choice for the advanced Riversurfer who wants to push his or her surfing to the next level and can be the board that gets you to the top in the next competition. 


Long double concave

The continuous double concave that blends in smoothly after the first third of the board creates the maximum in lift and acceleration. The board feels insanely alive, fast and reactive, almost as if it was hovering on top of the surface of water.


Medium to high River Rockerline

A medium to high river dedicated rockerline ensures the highest reactivity, tight turns and an immense pop. The immediate turn initiation will allow for a more radical surfing and new possibilities in the choice of your line.