Twin Tonic

for Ocean Surfing
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  • 6'4 ~ 20 1/2 ~ 2 11/16 ~ 37,2L
  • 6'8 ~ 21 1/8 ~ 2 13/16 ~ 43,2L
  • 7'0 ~ 21 9/16 ~ 2 7/8 ~ 47,7L

It's not a long drink, it’s a mid-length. This tasty Twin Fin Classic is the guarantee for wave count and easy surfing for all levels. With its pronounced channels it will guide and glide you through summer waves and big points alike. Allowing for that early pop up, control and let's face it, that extra portion of style the Twin Tonic is a valuable addition to your quiver.

And to make your board setup perfect, choose our new sustainable Classic Leash.


PU Construction

Based on polyurethane foam, bonded to a plywood stringer with polyester glassing.

Polyola Eco Blank

This surfboards features a Polyola Eco Surfboard Blank. Based on 33% recycled materials, recyclable again and made in Europe.



Twin Tonic

Twin Tonic

With a flat rockerline and the Twin Fin Setup, the board is insanely fast and agile and gets you that extra flow. The bottom consists of a Vee Nose that blends into a  very minimalistic single concave then turning into a well defined channel alignment towards the tail. Those channels create speed and acceleration, while adding a touch of control to the loose Twin Fin Feel. The Twin Tonic presents a unique versatility as it turns insanely quick on the tail, performs reliable carves on the rail but will also invite you to take a few steps to the center to glide and accelerate effortlessly. With a Polyola Eco Blank at heart and a solid glassing it demonstrates a new level of sustainable PU board construction.

So be excited about its abilities and ensured by its durability - this modern classic is a keeper.


  • Built with Polyola Eco Blank
  • All components sourced in Europe
  • Twin Fin + Channels
  • Built in Surfactory Portugal
  • 6+4 & 6 Glassing