What makes our Foamy softboard construction so special?

Here, you will learn about the secrets behind KANOA's innovative Foamy construction and why it stands out from other brands like Softech. From advanced materials to sustainable softboard production processes, let us introduce why KANOA Foamies are the perfect choice for surf enthusiasts seeking quality, performance, and an unmatched riding experience for good prices.

Why is our #perfoamy one of the lightest, highly durable and most performing softtops out there?


  • double T-Aluminium stringer with greater stiffness and drive to enhance the board control and performance characteristics
  • rail edge at the tail for more precision and control with great hydrodynamics to surf almost like on a hardboard
  • tough but flexible Vinyl Skin wrapped around the waterproof core using very little glue, making the construction able to adjust and increase durability
  • easy to repair like a bike tire - in the rare case of damage, simply use our Foamy repair kit. Drain screw to get rid of any water intake fast. No delaminations or bubbles possible as the skin is not laminated to the foam core
  • handshaped X-EPS closed cell foam core with a separate layer that ensures no water intake
  • eco-friendly production in Peru with focus on less waste during the process and less toxins in the materials
  • exchangeable fin boxes let you ride the system you like most: choose from any FCS I, II, and FUTURES for every shape we have
  • special riverboards in all sizes starting at 4'6 with specific shapes like the FLOW or the FLOAT optimized for rapid surfing with decades of experience on all types of standing waves


  • double or single wooden stringers with less stiffness and decreased, less predictable board control
  • rounder rails for smooth riding but lacking precision and result in less control, especially on stronger, steeper waves
  • vacuum bagged construction to bond the soft skin deck and the high-density polyethylene bottom to the foam core using a lot of glue
  • simpler repairs can be done with rare special softboard glue like Blobb, Large-area delaminations or bubbles between skin and core can't be easily fixed.
  • handshaped Epoxy or waterproof EPS foam cores
  • conventional production
  • variable fin system for the Original Series only: lets you upgrade from Soft Fins to any FCS II
  • standard ocean surfboard shapes and sizes like the Eric Geiselmann Flash, Lil Ripper or the Kyuss King Fish that work as riverboards but are not uniquely designed for standing waves (rocker, tail shapes, outlines)



Here comes a good catch - our Fish Softboard

Step up your game smooth and stylish

Go back to the roots with our Mini Malibu Softboard

It will be the perfect ride for every beach


The right choice for all kinds of standing waves from medium to strong

Smaller outline, narrow tail for loads of speed and agility

The right choice for weaker waves, flat & smaller transitions

Wider outline for lots of push and high agility for heavier riders


Aluminium Stringer Icon for Softtop Surfboards

The double T-Aluminium Stringer provides the needed stiffness and drive that allows the Foamy to perform just like a normal surfboard. Other brands like Softech use double or single wooden stringers depending on the size and purpose of the board. Wood stringers are quite common and known for giving the board its structure and flexibility. Alu stringers, however, show great performance characteristics.

Vinyl Skin Icon for Softtop Surfboards

A tough but soft Vinyl Skin was specially developed to finish off the FOAMY construction. It is wrapped around the handshaped core and fixed by the PVC rubber band. While other brands are glueing the skin to the core, our construction is still able to adjust. Thats why you should not worry when the skin moves slightly, it is the secret to the foamys durability. The included air vent and drain screw will allow any air or water to get out easily.

Ecological Construction Icon for sustainable Foamie production

The Kanoa Foamy is built with a more sustainable production process in our family-run surfboard factory in Peru. This means we create less wastage in production, less toxins in the materials and glue, resulting in an overall more eco friendly construction.


Performing like a hardboard but safe and easy to use. Thanks to the additional PVC edges towards the tail the Foamy shows amazing hydrodynamic properties. In combination with the rigid Aluminium stringer and a well designed shape, you are able to surf this board on a performance level. Something which is rarely found in softtops.

Our KANOA Foamy range offers not only boards for ocean surfing but especially designed boards for river and rapid surfing in sizes between 4'6 (Flow for kids) up to 6'8 (Fish for weaker waves). Softech does have different softtops for performance or schooling purposes in the ocean but they do not offer special shapes for standing waves. This makes our Foamys more versatile to meet the preferences of every surfer.

But not only the shape influences your surf, the fins play a crucial role as well. And in order to get the best out of your equipment our new Foamy X collection has the unique opportunity to exchange the fin box and ride the fin system you like most. FUTURES or FCS? You don't have to decide for one anymore but x-change it easily whenever you want. This is something you won't find with other brands like Softech.


Especially, when starting surfing but also throughout your surfing life dings and pressure dents, broken finboxes or damages rails will accompany your way. Besides that, ocean and river surfing are demanding different characteristics from the board. Having durable but also safe boards is therefore essential. The new and thicker blue rail tape is not just looking good but increases the durability of your board significantly.

As you have already learned our innovative vinyl skin is the secret to having a board that will be by your side for a long time. It makes the whole construction adaptable while being one of the lightest softboards out there.

Another plus are easy repairs within minutes if a ding does happen. And because of our new x-changeable fin system you will be able to change the fin box quite easily if it breaks. This is an exceptional advantage as fin box repairs take hours and usually cost up to €100, taking the board out of the game for several days instead of minutes. Seasoned river surfers will know the drill but we are working on making the equipment as convenient as possible for everyone ;)

More than just a softtop...

Other brands come in many different colours. KANOA Foamys shine with innovation and patented product design close to the surfer's needs. As you can see, our boards are more than just softtops. They bridge the gap between wobbly softboards and hardboards. Because of our resistent and patented A\V ST construction we will ensure you to surf smooth and secure at the same time.

Our #perfoamy is one of the lightest and most performing softtops out there. We are always looking for the best solution to current challenges in surfing - from sustainability and durability to cutting-edge shapes and new materials. While doing that we follow one goal: providing you with a board that feels good and thus enables you to surf on a high performance level, which is rarely found in softtops. Though Softech and others offer a performance range as well, it is limited to ocean surfing. KANOA Foamys are more versatile for ocean and the growing field of rapid and river surfing.

Get the feeling of a hardboard with the advantages of a softboard - get yourself a #perfoamy.