Two founding teams, residing within surf skating distance, came together to launch a sustainable surfboard line. We are so stoked to collaborate with Polyola and share our vision of revolutionizing the surfboard manufacturing process.

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While surfing lets us connect with nature through waves and water, the traditional surfboard production, however, is still characterized by pollution and toxic materials. That is what the two Polyola Founders had to discover as well after taking a close look at the manufacturing of our beloved watersports equipment. Fortunately, after three years of extensive development, countless iterations, and surfing prototypes, they not only reimagined the surfboard blank but also successfully created it.

The ecological Polyola blank is the result of a breakthrough creation, that keeps people, planet, and performance in mind. It's an answer to the burning question on how to produce surfboards in a more sustainable way. Being introduced in 2020, the Polyola blank has become the first-ever Polyurethane foam core for eco surfboards based on recycled materials. And another plus - it is 100% recyclable and additionally manufactured in Europe to avoid long transportations.


With our mission to provide innovative and problem-solving creations with a unique design, we are on our way to replace conventional materials with natural fibers and recycled materials. Thus, it's not surprising at all that our paths have crossed with the founders of Polyola. Together we share a vision for creating high-performance, durable and ecological surfing equipment.

Besides sharing a similar mindset on surfboard manufacturing, our two brand's headquarters are both situated in beautiful France, just minutes apart. This unique opportunity has led to an inspiring exchange of ideas and a growing connection. At the end of all these conversations and brainstorms we find ourselves with a complete range of ocean and river eco surfboards made with Polyola blanks.

Well, guess it's true - Teamwork makes the dream work. KANOA designs the boards in France, Polyola provides the sustainable blanks, and the boards are shaped by Surfactory in Portugal. We're stoked to be part of this truly European collaboration right along the Atlantic Coast.


Our new sustainable surfboard range includes two river boards (Creek 3.0 & Moby Creek 3.0) which feature KANOA’s new Impactec, making them even more durable for the challenges of river surfing and artificial waves. ImpacTec boards are reinforced exactly in the spots that are most quickly affected. An interlaminar placed aerospace grade fabric is acting as an shock absorber and will allow to increase the impact strength significantly. Therefore, the rails and fin boxes come stronger than ever and are protected with extra fiberglass that has been integrated into the manufacturing process.

For ocean surfing, KANOA and Polyola have also produced three shapes, which cover a wide range of wave conditions and surf levels. From the Twin Tonic, a mid-length wave machine to the Fish Taco, a fish shape for smaller waves to the Slide Rider, the perfect allround shortboard.



Not just KANOA Surfboards and Polyola go well together - but our new Eco Accessoires and your sustainable surfboard too. ECOLOGIX is our logic to product innovation that keeps the environment always in mind. Our mission is to set new standards in the way surfing equipment is built and create the most sustainable yet durable solution possible.

Our cork and basalt fins come with a generous cork core inlay, which meets the sweet spot between flex and stability. An additional quad layer of volcanic basalt fiber will reinforce the base and enable a direct power transmission and response while the tips of the fin keep the perfect amount of flex. And to keep your surfboard close, we have developed our sustainable leashes as well - with a recycled cord and webbing, combined with a 2 year warranty, this leash sets a new standard for ecological surf gear.

And for the right grip at all times, check out our new biodegradable pads.