About to take your surfboard overseas?

When it comes to traveling with your surfboard, all of us know the feeling of being unsure what will happen with the board inside a plane for example. Arriving at your dream spot but having a ding or dent is definitely not a great way to start your surf trip. If you are looking for a safe and sustainable tool to protect your board, we have got the right thing for you!

Check out Flexi Hex - your sustainable surf travel companion.

Get ready to unpack your adventure!


With our today's challanges of climate change and waste problems it has never been more important to search for sustainable forms of packaging. Flexi Hex therefore created a biodegredable, recyclable and plastic-free solution to protect your board without using loads of bubble wrap. That is why the two UK-based founders of Flexi Hex started their project in 2018 to take a step further into an environmently friendly world of water sports. To care fo the planet and its ressources, treading lightly with small impacts and being transparent as much as possible are some of their key promises.

With Flexi Hex, you get a strong and easy to use packaging, that is quite compact to be stowed away whenever you are not traveling.


Packing your surfboard with Flexi Hex is really simple. The next steps will show you how to do so. Firstly, you have to decide, how much packaging material you need. This depends on the size of your surfboard. 

  • If you want to pack a shortboard (max. size 6'6'') you will need two pieces of the LITE Version.
  • For packing wider boards with a maximum size of 6'6'' (like our Twice Fish Retro Twin Fin) you will need two pieces of the MID Version.
  • Other boards longer than 6'6'' will need three pieces of the MID Version.

So make sure, you have enough material to pack your board and check out the next steps.


First things first, you have to open the sleeves of you Flexi Hex packaging by stretching them. After that you insert your board (for example start with the nose) inside the sleeves. Pull it down as far as possible, so that the nose is still covered.

Repeat that step with your other Flexi Hex pieces, now starting from the tail of your board (if you started in the front). You will find, that there will be some material remaining. You easily cut the rest that is not needed to protect your board in order to pack as small as possible.


Now, that your Flexi Hex parts are meeting at some point on your board you have to secure them together. To do so, use some tape to stick them together. This way, everything stays in place despite any turbulances ;)

Side Note: Don't forget to secure the ends at the nose and tail. Otherwise the Flexi Hex parts can open there and your board could slip out of your cardboard sock. Just use some tape as well and close the open ends.


Now that your board is packed and safe, enjoy your trip!

Flexi Hex will guarantee a great start to your next surf adventure. And if you are still looking for the perfect board we have something for you.

And by the way, if you not just liked the look of Flexi Hex but also of the golden surfboard we packed with it, make sure to have a look at our new sustainable Polyola Surfboards. If you decide to buy a board you can also add the right amount of Flexi Hex to your cart and your new surfboard will come packed in the cardbord sock to you.

Be part of our journey towards a better world of surfing.

Any more questions?

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