A surfboard is more than just sports equipment. All the more important that you can customize it to your preferences and surfing style. Our new Foamys X therefore come with the x-changeable finbox, making it possible to choose the fin system you like most or experiment with various options. FCS 1, FCSII or FUTURES Fins - everything is possible.


We have just launched our new foamy X surfboard collection, which is all about shredding more and worrying less. With a thicker rail tape and our trusted A\V ST - Construction you will have more time the water because of their durability.

Besides the updated, cleaner design we've also added the x-changeable finbox. We understand the need for costumization of your surfboard in order to fit perfectly to your preferences and surfing style. All our foamys X, therefore, contribute to this understanding by making you choose the finsystem you like.

Side Note: Especially in riversurfing, broken fin boxes can occur quite often. Because of our innovative new finbox, you can say goodbye to time consuming repairs and just change the finbox quickly.

Our Teamrider Rosina Neuerer will show you the most important steps:


In order to change your finbox, you have to take out your drop through screws. You can just use a 2€ coin to screw them out and put them on the side for later.

Make sure, to use the right length of the screws for the right thread, when putting them in again. The screws that cover the pad of your foamy X should be a bit longer in order to go all the way through.


Now, that you've taken the screws out, you can remove the finbox you want to exchange.  

After that, take your new finbox and place it in the right spot. The more protruding curvature of the lateral fin boxes should point to the center. Note, that the center fin box should have the elongated, narrower part facing the nose of the board.


After pressing the finboxes firmly into their right spot, you can take your drop through screws and put them back in. A 2€ coin can be helpful again.

Now, that you are good to go, you can insert the fins and get ready for your next surf session. Check out our How to, if you want some more helpful tips.  


Our x-changeable finboxes make it possible for you to ride the fin system you prefer most. In addition, you can say goodbye to time-consuming repairs after crushing a finbox, that you might know from one or the other river surf session. You can choose the finbox directly when buying a new foamy X.

If you need any replacement or want to surf a different fin system, check out our replacement and repair collection and you will find everything you need.

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