Get ready for surfing rapids like you never did before! We are thrilled to announce that once again, we're part of the Surfboard Test Tour brought to by Surfers Magazine. You will have the chance to experience our latest additions to the KANOA Surfboard-Family on your own. With the introduction of our innovative ImpacTec, these boards are designed to deliver great performance and durability on every rapid. You can't wait to try them all? Good, neither can we.

But that's not all - stay tuned for our upcoming line of ecological surf accessoires.

Be part of our journey towards a sustainable world of water sports!


If you have already surfed man made or artificial waves, you know the drill of saving your surfboard from the river banks, concrete reefs of surfparks or walls of articfical wave pools. How many of us crushed a fin box or got a ding there.

Well, we have some good news for you!

KANOA's new Polyola Riverboards come with our innovative ImpacTec. It shines with a higher shock absorption through an aerospace fabric. The layer is placed along the rail within our proven triple rail layer glass fiber. To increse your time in the water we also added a more impact resistant fin box with 360° reinforcement.

However, if you are unlucky and get a ding, the new Polyola Eco Blanks come with a closed cell structure with no water intake - So, just keep on surfing! Additionally, they are completely made in Europe to decrease long itineraries.

And another good thing.. the eco blanks are a 100% recyclable. Ready to take your step towards a more sustainable world of water sports?


We are thrilled to announce that not just our surfboards carry our vision of sustainable surfing but also our upcoming range of surf accessoires. Stay tuned for what's coming soon...

Our EcoLogix equiment is build for the challanges of tomorrow. We tried to create products that are as sustainable as possible within the current state of our technological advancement.


Now, that we have teased what's coming this season you probably cannot wait to try it for yourself. Good news is, you can test our new durable riverboards and EcoLogix surf accessoires during the Surfers Mag Surfboard Test Tour. We recommend to book a timeslot at the location where you want to join the Test Tour, but be fast - the slots can be gone very fast! Next to surfing different shapes and finding the perfect fit for you, you will have the unique chance to talk with surf coaches and other like-minded surfers and get some valuable tipps.

Check out the dates and locations to be at the right spot and get ready to shred!



If you are planning on visiting the Jochen Schweizer Arena, The Riverwave Ebensee or Surf Langenfeld don't forget to check out our river spot guides. They will help you to get some information before surfing the wave, especially when you have never been there. Our guides also provide some suitable board recommondation so you have the perfect stick under your feet.

Now, get out there, book your slot and try something new at the Surfboard Test Tour 2023!