Flex Surfboard Fins / FCS1

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  • Flexible fins
  • Asymetrical setup with left, right and center fin shapes
  • Perfect for all our FCS1 Boards and Foamys
  • Avoid injuring yourself or others
  • Finbox-friendly
  • New high-performance and durable softflex core

Get a free fin key with this set!

Keep it flexible! Our FCS1 compatible SoftFlex Fin Thruster set is the perfect companion for beginner to intermediate surfers. We know, safety is important, so, these fins got you covered. Engineered to absorb shocks and flex away before breaking, they protect you and your finbox too, ensuring you enjoy your surf sessions worry-free. Additionally, those softer fins have the perfect amount of flex to try slides or reverses, which will work much more easily as the tails can be whipped around faster. So if you want to learn tricks - this is a crucial addition to you fins sets.