CLS/R - Recycled 9ft Longboard Leash

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  • Recycled 7mm urethane cord
  • Recycled webbing construction
  • Stainless steel bearing swivel 
  • Exchangeable cord system
  • Slim-Swivel for less friction 
  • Ergonomic cuff design
  • Low drag rubber railsaver

Functional attachment with an ecologic consciousness for your longboard. This reliable and comfortable leash design will accompany you on your next surfing adventure. The medium sized cuff will wrap securely around your ankle while providing the perfect amount of freedom and mobility.

Additionally the unique composition of materials makes it one of the most eco-friendly leashes on the planet. With a recycled cord and recycled webbing, combined with a 2 year warranty, this leash sets a new standard.

At 9 feet long, our CLS/R is the perfect choice for our Log(A)Rhythm Longboard

2 Year Warranty