Fish Taco

for Ocean Surfing
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  • 5'9 ~ 20 1/16 ~ 2 11/16 ~ 33,5L
  • 6'0 ~ 20 3/4 ~ 2 3/4 ~ 37,4L
  • 6'2 ~ 21 1/16 ~ 2 13/16 ~ 39,6L

Crispy, tasty and full of volume - this performing Fish Shape takes the best out of several worlds and is shining in the golden color of its Polyola Eco Blank. Super easy paddling, insanely fast and as quick and reactive as the next shortboard. Say goodbye to compromising performance for volume - the skaty Fish Taco got it all.

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PU Construction

Based on polyurethane foam, bonded to a plywood stringer with polyester glassing.

Polyola Eco Blank

This surfboards features a Polyola Eco Surfboard Blank. Based on 33% recycled materials, recyclable again and made in Europe.



Fish Taco

Fish Taco

The pronounced beveled rails allow it to carry heaps of volume while maintaining a fast and precise rail design. With all the volume gathered along the flat deck, the Fish Taco is designed with a slightly slimmer outline which further enhances its performing capabilities. The flat deck provides that extra skaty feel and character. A long double concave starting from the V in the Nose going all the way to the tail is the secret to its acceleration. No matter if in glassy morning sessions or mushy conditions, these pronounced concaves guarantee speed and float through any kind of section.  The characteristic moon or in our case taco tail does further push the board to being on the performing side of things. It has the smooth and controlled turning feel of a fish but with that extra agility and looseness we know from a squash. Surf it about 2 inch shorter than your shortboard and be thrilled from 1-6 foot waves. 

Full of speed and low on compromises, the Performing Fish Taco is a must have in your quiver.