Foamy FISH X

for Ocean Surfing and River Surfing
€385,00 EUR

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  • 5'0 ~ 19 3/4 ~ 2 1/8 ~ 26L
  • 5'3 ~ 20 ~ 2 1/8 ~ 28L
  • 5'5 ~ 20 1/4 ~ 2 1/4 ~ 30L
  • 5'8 ~ 20 1/4 ~ 2 3/8 ~ 34L
  • 6'0 ~ 21 7/8 ~ 2 3/8 ~ 37L
  • 6'4 ~ 22 ~ 2 3/8 ~ 39L
  • 6'8 ~ 22 1/2 ~ 2 5/8 ~ 47L

Diving into the river and the sea – our new Foamy FISH X is here.

This brand new version of our classic retro fish softtop surfboard has everything you need: easy wave-catching, takeoff stability and smooth turns. The patented AV-ST technology with the aluminum stringer and even thicker skin brings extra durability and performance to this softboard.

Moreover, it comes with the world's first X-changeable fin box. Just choose which fin system suits you best. Whether FUTURES, FCS or FCSII. The Foamy FISH X knows them all. And to make your board setup perfect, choose our new sustainable Classic Leash. 


Alu Stringer Technology

A double T-Aluminium Stringer to make the Foamy perform just like a normal surfboard.

Vinyl Skin Technology

A tough but soft Vinyl Skin, wrapped around the core. The secret to the foamys durability.

ECO Construction

Less wastage and toxins resulting in an overall more eco friendly construction.



Foamy FISH X

Foamy FISH X


BEGINNER – A great softboard for everyone who is ready for a smaller, very light board with enough volume to catch waves or learn river surfing. Because of its thicker rail tape, you will have more time in the water and less worries about dings.

INTERMEDIATE – If you are looking for the right board for weaker river waves and them smaller days, you should definitely add this one to your quiver. Durability is guaranteed thanks to the A\V S-Technology, thicker rail tape and vinyl skin. The aluminium stringer provides stiffness and drive. The tough vinyl skin and the X-changeable fin boxes save you time repairing, thus allowing you to spend more time surfing. The Foamy FISH X is a good catch!

Alongside our new and clean ocean inspired design, this performance foamy comes with an exchangeable fin box. This leaves space for your own preferences when it comes to fin systems - and puts an end to time-consuming repairs whenever you crush a fin box.