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  • 4'8 ~ 19 3/4 ~ 2 1/8 ~ 23L
  • 5'0 ~ 20 1/4 ~ 2 1/8 ~ 24L
  • 5'2 ~ 20 1/2 ~ 2 1/8 ~ 25L
  • 5'4 ~ 21 ~ 2 1/8 ~ 25,5L

Whatever floats your board! This light softtop surfboard works best in standing waves with tight transitions and for heavier riders (70-100kg). With its wide outline and broad tail it guarantees quick turns between narrow walls - like the Almkanal or Flosslände. Our new Foamy FLOAT will keep you easily on the wave with agile reactions to your movement.

With our new X-changeable fin box, you can now easily choose which fin system suits you. And if you ever damage a finbox while surfing your local spot, there will be no more annoying repairs. Just replace it with a new finbox and keep surfing. And to make your board setup perfect, choose our new sustainable Competition Leash.


Alu Stringer Technology

A double T-Aluminium Stringer to make the Foamy perform just like a normal surfboard.

Vinyl Skin Technology

A tough but soft Vinyl Skin, wrapped around the core. The secret to the foamys durability.

ECO Construction

Less wastage and toxins resulting in an overall more eco friendly construction.






The foamy FLOAT has originally been created from a prototype we developed in 2020 for wake surfing. However, its wider outline and broader squash tail enables you to surf a very short board, which doesn’t nose dive in tight transitions (like Isarwelle Plattling or Flosslände) and it easily turns in tight spaces (like Almkanal). Our latest version comes with even thicker rail tape and vinyl skin, making it more durable especially for river surfing. Moreover, check out the new innovate X-changeable finboxes. Futures or FCS? You've got the choice - you can easily change the fin system. It also puts an end to time consuming repairs whenever you crushed a finbox.

Beginner - Because of its wider outline, the foamy FLOAT is a great choice for starting river surfing. It gives you enough stability for your first maneuvers and quick progress. The updated construction comes with more durability, granting you more time in the water and less time repairing any damage.

Intermediate - You are ready to step up your game and add some cool tricks to your repertoire? The foamy FLOAT allows you to practise your first ollie-based maneuvers. Intermediate riders will also love its speed and responsiveness due to the stiffness created through the aluminum stringer.

Our foamy FLOAT can be ridden by rapid surfers between 70kg up to 100kg. Even in conditions with weaker waves due to lack of water flow it just floats over those flatter sections.

Last but not least: If you are looking for a board to go wake surfing, that’s what the FLOAT was originally built for.